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Devpol investing

devpol investing

It is addressing gender equality, by investing in programs which give women and girls the opportunities to realise their full potential. And it. Canada's parliament recommended that, while the core objective of its DFI should be “catalysing private investment for international development. free trade and foreign investment have been shaping the world economy on Sustainable Development , (Inst. for Dev. Pol'y and Mgmt., IARC. VALUE INVESTING CLUB HONG KONG

Because we cannot separate development and foreign aid from its broader context. The development program is seen as an integral aspect of our foreign policy, and a crucial tool to make the world a better, more just and humane place. But it is not the only aspect of our development program. The Coalition has ensured Australia is utilising the full suite of government capabilities to support development efforts in the region.

As the Prime Minister has said, we have a moral and economic duty to support our neighbours. Our development program is making an important contribution to poverty alleviation, to helping the most marginalised, and to improving lives across our region. It is building human capital, through investing in health and education.

It is addressing gender equality, by investing in programs which give women and girls the opportunities to realise their full potential. And it is also making an enormously important contribution to the security, stability and prosperity in our region. Critically, the Coalition Government has recognised the fundamental change in our strategic circumstances, and is adapting our development program to suit.

We have innovated, bringing new tools to support development outcomes. The Coalition has focussed our development program on the Indo-Pacific where we have a comparative advantage. And we continue to be good global citizens, in support of the international rules-based system. An Albanese Labor Government would take serious, meaningful action on climate change. Only Labor will ensure Australia is a trusted partner and a true member of the Pacific family.

An Albanese Labor Government will focus on working with the DFAT to build development capability and ensure it is prioritised and valued. We want to rebuild and reward aid and development skills within the Department. We will be keen to see experience in development roles within the Department being highly prized for career progression. Development postings should be seen as good, if not critical, for career progression.

The ANCP provides funding to accredited Australian charities and NGOs for projects to help people in developing countries with healthcare, education, preventing violence against women and children and tackling hunger and deprivation. We also recognise the vital role development contractors play. Labor will not get bogged down in sectarian arguments regarding aid delivery. We will partner with everyone who is committed to lifting the world out of poverty. These are seen as having the potential to boost the effectiveness of grant funding by leveraging investment in development from the private sector, financial institutions and multilateral institutions.

Australia must help shape these opportunities. Accordingly, Labor will establish a DFAT-led review to examine new forms of development finance and develop policy options for consideration in government.

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