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Ats betting terms

ats betting terms

A systemic approach to placing bets designed to generate an edge for the bettor over the bookmaker or house. Binary betting (see also Fixed-odds betting, Spread. When a bettor is betting ATS, it is a bet on the margin of victory. Each outcome of a points spread bet has a handicap (or a line) attached to it. ATS (Against the Spread) – A term used to indicate the betting result of an event that takes the point spread into account and can sometimes refer to a. WALLY BETTER PLACE LAYOUT BOAT

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Hook — Half of a point. If bet: A wager placed only if a certain outcome of a separate wager occurs. Juice Vig — This is the commission the book will earn on a game. Layoff — Similar to hedging, but this is when a sportshouse will bet with another book to reduce liability. Lay: A bet on the favorite in a sporting contest; you give points if betting the pointspread and give odds, such as , if betting on the money line.

Laying the Points — This occurs when a bettor chooses the favorite to win by at least as many points indicated in the spread. Laying the Price — This occurs when a bettor chooses the favorite to win based off which team will result in a higher payoff. Limit — The highest bet a book will accept.

Line: The odds on a particular event. Linesmaker: A person who establishes the opening odds on an event. A linesmaker does not accept wagers. Lock — A team that is guaranteed to win. Longshot — A team that has a very small chance of winning. Middle — This will happen when a betting line moves, with the bettor placing another bet based on the new line. If the point spread is within both betting lines, a bettor would win both bets.

Money Line — This refers to bets only on the outcome of a game, not taking into account a pointspread. Odds: The pointspread or money line on any particular sporting event. Oddsmaker: Another term for linesmaker, an oddsmaker is involved with creating the odds on a sporting event, but does not accept wagers on them. Off the Board — This happens when a book is no longer accepting bets. Opening line: The initial pointspread or money line offered by the sportsbook to bettors.

Out: A place where a bettor may place a bet. Parlay : A combination of two or more wagers that a bettor links together; all must win for the gambler to win their parlay bet. Parlay card: A card used to bet a parlay, but instead of betting on the current odds posted by the sportsbook, the odds for the games are listed on a card that the bettor fills out and turns in to the bookmaker.

Past post: To make a wager on an event that has already started. Player: Another term for a bettor. Pleaser : Like a teaser, but the bettor moves the line against himself in return for a much larger payoff. Pointspread : A handicap placed on one team in terms of points for gambling purposes.

If Team A is favored by 10 points over Team B, the point spread is Team A must win the game by 11 or more points for its backers to win the bets, while those betting on Team B will win their bets if Team wins the game or losses by nine points or less. If Team A wins by exactly 10 points, the bet is a tie.

Press: To start wagering more money than usual, generally in an attempt to recoup previous losses. Prize pool: The amount of money up for grabs in a sports-handicapping contest. These are most often used for nationally televised games and are in the hundreds for the Super Bowl.

Puck line: A hockey bet in which the bettor can either lay the favorite Puppy: Another term used for the underdog in a contest. Push — This happens when a pointspread is exactly met, resulting in no winners or losers. Bets are refunded. Reverse: Two separate if bets using the same two teams. Rundown: A list of all of the odds on games that are scheduled.

Run Line: A baseball bet in which the bettor can either take the favorite Runners are used in Las Vegas to seek out the best odds at all the different sportsbooks, then bet at the establishment with the most favorable lines. Sharp — Someone very good at sports betting. Smart money: Money wagered by intelligent bettors.

Spread — This is shorthand for pointspread. Sportsbook: An establishment that accepts wagers on sporting events. Sports service: An establishment that sells its sports-betting selections to paying customers. Square — This is someone who is new to sports betting.

Steam — This occurs when a betting line shifts rapidly, likely as a result of many bets in a short time frame. Straight up: The winner of a sporting contest with no regard for the pointspread. Sucker bet: A wager that greatly favors the sportsbook. Syndicate: A collection of gamblers who pool all of their efforts together in an attempt to beat the sportsbooks.

That means that he is saying that the Jaguars will cover the spread in their upcoming game. If Bob were to win his bet then he could say he was ATS on the day. When betting, ATS bettors need to remember one thing above all else - who wins the game only rarely matters.

Bettors who fixate on winners and losers are going to go broke betting against the spread - they should stick to the moneyline. All you need to focus on is how much a team can be expected to win or lose by. A team could win every single game they play and not cover a single spread if they were always heavy favorites, and never won by a wide margin. A team could also lose every game, be massive underdogs in the eyes of the public, and keep games close enough to cover every spread.

The straight-up record of teams is irrelevant to ATS considerations.

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