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How csgo lounge betting worksheet

how csgo lounge betting worksheet

- StarCraft 2 Betting Sites ✌ One of the oldest and most reliable games, StarCraft is survived by StarCraft 2 ☝ is here to make a mark on. DeathTeam Analysis & Bet Advice [CS:GO]. Main Spreadsheet Since ; December All Matches (CSGO); November "All" Matches; October "All" Matches. Write your email in the chat. And then you are invited to the Bet Spreadsheet. NFL SPORTS BETTING ADVICE SITES

If you are looking to add an extra level of excitement to your Dota 2 viewing, here are three simple reasons why betting on Dota 2 is so much fun. Dota 2 is one of the most successful Esports ever, and it is one of the biggest MOBA games out there with over 10 million active players.

There are hundreds of professional teams and a professional circuit called the Dota Pro Circuit that holds around 25 big tournaments per year. Betting on Dota 2 is one of the best ways to add a bit more excitement into these events. The major Dota 2 tournaments bring in arenas of thousands of fans. Even the minor tournaments have impressive prize pools, with majors typically giving away millions to their contestants.

At the end of this circuit, a world championship takes place, The International. Dota 2 betting sites offering odds on this event can make even the biggest Dota 2 tournament more exciting. How is competitive Dota 2 played? Dota 2 is a complex game to learn. There is an awful lot going on, but even with all this complication high skill teams and the best Dota 2 players can do remarkable things with the game.

Each match is played between two teams of five, in an area split down the centre. A round can last anywhere between 15 and 75 minutes, with a mixture of real-time strategy and role-playing game elements. Players pick heroes out of a pool of possibilities. When this building collapses, the game is over.

Three reasons why Dota 2 betting is exciting: 1. Backing the best Dota 2 teams As Dota 2 is a team sport, you can have a great time working out which legendary Dota 2 teams to back. Take part in the greatest Dota 2 tournaments We all know how Dota 2 tournaments like The International regularly provide some of the biggest prize pools in esports. This is something that can get even more thrilling when you use a resource like Esports.

Use your Dota 2 knowledge Dota 2 is kind of a complex game, and so is betting on it. This is everything you need to get the most out of betting on Dota 2. Research the game Some people criticize Dota 2 for having a steep learning curve and too much complexity, but these are precisely the main reasons why betting on Dota 2 can be such a rewarding activity.

There is a lot more to Dota than just defending and destroying the ancients. Past results can be as helpful to betting on Dota 2 as a cheat sheet in another game. Knowing about the past form of the top players and teams is vital if you want to make smart Dota 2 bets. What can you bet on? Dota 2 has regular tournaments throughout the year, the biggest is the International.

When Dota Pro Circuit events take place, they attract the attention of the entire Dota 2 community. These events are covered by the bookmakers and offer excellent betting opportunities. You can usually find good odds on more unrelated Dota events too, one-off tournaments.

Betting markets are the different scenarios that bookies offer odds on. So that if you wanted to bet on Natus Vincere to win the next International, or hoped to win some money on Virtus. This means that you can now find bookies who will help you lay down some bets on the team to draw blood, the first team to get fifteen kills or even the team to slay the first Roshan. Dota 2 gambling now has a lot of different options open to you. You can also take some decent two-way bets that can give you a touch of insurance when trying out some Dota 2 betting.

So that whether you are betting on the team to destroy the first barracks, or are even wagering on the region of the winner of the next International, it seems that the gambling markets for betting on Dota 2 are opening up all of the time. These are some of the main markets you can bet on DOTA 2 in: Betting on a Match Result This is the simplest type of Esports betting , you can pick which is going to win a match. Dota 2 matches are usually played in a Bo1, Bo3 or Bo5 only Grand Finals format, meaning that the winner is decided by going through a maximum of 1, 3, or 5 games, maps or rounds the equivalent of sets in Tennis.

For some tournaments, the organizers choose a format that includes Bo2 matches. These types of matches can also end in a draw. So if a game seems like an easy win, this market will level things out a bit. For instance, betting that team A will win a match with a 1. If it wins with a score of 2 — 1, your bet will be lost because of the handicap, which makes the final score 0. In exactly the same way, if you bet that team A will win a Bo3 match with a 1.

If it does that, even if this team loses the match with the score of 1 — 2, the real score after adding its advantage will be 2. This one is more complicated, but it evens out the odds of mismatched teams. The best Dota 2 betting sites will offer plenty of these. Betting on the Occurrence of an Event This is a type of bet in Dota 2 that allows you to bet on a certain event that takes place during a certain game. Examples include: an Aegis of the Immortal being stolen by any of the teams, an Animal Courier getting killed, a player getting a Godlike streak 9 consecutive kills dying , or a player getting a Rampage 5 kills in quick succession.

Keep up with Dota 2 news to get a handle on how common these events are. Betting on the Team which will be the first to accomplish something This type of bet allows you to pick which team will be the one to do something within a particular game of the match. For instance, you may be able to choose the team that will kill the first Roshan, or destroys the first Tower or Barracks, or gets the first kill First Blood , or be the first to get 10 kills on the scoreboard.

The best Dota 2 betting sites are going to offer you a lot of different choices in this area. However, this can be a bit harder to predict. But even with these flaws, Pinnacle still gets a ton of traffic because its odds are so, so good. Sure, this comes at the cost of important features, but this operator has the best CSGO offers in the business. For starters, this operator uses a pool betting system, meaning that its odds are decided by gamblers instead of the bookmaker.

This bookie processes all wagers in crypto tokens, which you can get by linking your Steam account to the website and making a deposit with Counter-Strike skins. Just keep in mind that odds can shift if other gamblers change their opinions before the markets are locked, so only bet CSGO skins at the last possible moment.

This site has an excellent CSGO betting offer, and its competitive odds, vast betting markets, and extensive live betting options are a perfect set of tools for discovering great value betting opportunities. Now, you need to decide which tournaments you want to wager on. The professional Counter-Strike scene follows an open circuit format, meaning there are tons of third-party competitions taking place every day.

Most of them have different teams, players, prize pools, and production crews. A good place to start is premier tournaments. The Counter-Strike scene might be huge, but the number of top-tier competitions rarely—if ever—goes higher than a couple of dozen a year. These events tend to have six- or even seven-digit prize pools, so only the best CSGO teams in the world get invited to them. You also need to be aware of the majors and minors system.

Majors are like premier tournaments on steroids. Winning a major is considered a crowning achievement in the pro scene, so Counter-Strike teams will pull out all stops to win such a competition. Minors are a different beast altogether. However, minors are still frequently attended by top-tier competitors because the best-performing teams get tickets to the next major. There are a lot of variables in competitive CSGO matches — variables like map pools, player strengths, team playstyles, and global meta tendencies.

And while you could turn to the CSGO betting Reddit to get a good sense for them, analyzing them on your own will be a huge step towards recognizing the best markets to focus on. The first — and the most straightforward — markets are map winner, match winner, and correct score. And the prospect becomes even riskier if Liquid are going against a good Nuke team like Ninjas in Pyjamas.

Another market to consider is round winner. The first round is played with pistols, and it tests a very different skill set compared to other rounds of a CSGO match. Also, remember that Counter-Strike is a game of momentum.

Use this knowledge to decide whether you should place other round winner wagers. CSGO games are decided by whoever wins a total of 16 rounds.

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Or, if you wish, you can put them towards purchasing other skins from the marketplace. Deposit and Withdrawal Options The deposit and withdrawal options of a standard esports betting site usually see them offering up credit cards, e-wallets, and other payment methods.

Instead of transferring money from a card or bank account, you essentially sell skins in the CSGO Lounge marketplace and receive virtual coins for doing so. The coins will appear in your account instantly, so you can continue on with purchasing better skins or placing esports bets as you like. Virtual currency cannot be withdrawn, but you still get to use it to the best of its advantages. With hundreds and thousands of skins available to purchase in the marketplace and various options to select from in the esports betting section, your virtual coins are the key to you potentially improving your CS:GO gameplay or further increasing your balance through betting on the events.

Mobile Compatibility and User Experience If you have a particular fondness for using mobile devices to access your favorite betting websites, then CSGO Lounge can cater to you in this respect. Your log-in details are the same, and the betting options remain the same as well. It has a charcoal and orange color scheme, which is quite pleasing to the eyes. Menu links can be found across the top of the website, directly next to the CSGO logo.

The trading options can be seen down the left-hand side of the page, while the esports offerings are available on the right-hand side. Clicking on one of the esports options will provide you with the odds and possibilities for the event. Other Gambling Activities Available While trading may not particularly be considered a gambling activity, it does go hand-in-hand with the esports betting section of CSGO Lounge.

Therefore, esports betting comes as a sort of addition to the option of skin trading. Namely, the items skins have a real money value and they can be bought and sold. As a result, people could lose items worth thousands of dollars. Problems Associated with Skins Betting Not only were the skins betting websites operating in a grey area, there was also another problem.

Many of the CSGO teams were affiliated with some of the item trading websites, including CSGOLounge and often, teams received direct payments from purchases, especially since some of the stickers represent teams and players. These stickers can be used for betting, which means that the teams are directly linked to betting on events in which they participate.

It was pretty clear that this could have an impact on the game. In players had to be banned, because it was proven that they participated in match rigging. Namely, players wagered against their opponents using a third-party skin betting site and then lost the match on purpose. Following the banning of the players, Valve issued a statement in which it was stated that CSGO players, managers and other team staff should not, under any circumstances engage in skin betting, or even be associated with high volume punters.

You can read more about skins, betting with it and other problems in our dedicated page on skins betting. CSGOLounge was, at the time, probably the largest skins betting site and a representative of the site publicly stated that Valve has even provided technical support for their operations. Another incident soon followed.

Two skins betting aficionados created a skins betting website which they marketed on their YouTube and other social media accounts, without disclosing the fact that they own the website. History of Item Trading Game items have been traded online since the early days of the internet and probably thousands of items have been bought and sold over eBay and other similar websites. It can be said that skin betting became an integral part of the CSGO gaming scene as a whole. The cases contain guns, knives and other items but they can only be unlocked with keys.

Since Valve Steam offers a trading API, third party sites are able to organise large scale betting, and this is basically howskin betting came about. Often, up to 50, punters placed bets on a single CSGO match with the number of wagered items reaching up to , Skin betting is encourages punters to visit the Steam market and buy new items, and it also encourages them to play more so that they could acquire more items. In other words, skin betting directly contributes to the popularity of the game.

Does Skin Betting Qualify as Betting? Those who defended Valve and the betting sites like CSGOLounge claimed that skins betting is in no way illegal, even in countries where conventional betting is, as there is no currency involved. Skins betting proponents argued that skins are only assigned value within the game and are otherwise useless outside of it.

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