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Investing in unified pictures variety

investing in unified pictures variety

The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. is a leading global investment banking, securities and investment management firm that provides a wide range of financial. Our new dataset on private returns to education includes estimates from to using unified household surveys. These engaging, short animations focus on a variety of financial topics and Socially responsible investing lets people put their money into companies. LITTLE CAESARS SOUTH

Fans and industry insiders have expressed a range of concerns, such as the threat of jobs cuts for Funimation and Crunchyroll employees, or increased pressure on Japanese animators to tone down their work for Western consumption. Department of Justice probe into the takeover. The organization was concerned that a combined Funimation and Crunchyroll, which has five million paying subscribers and almost million registered users, would become the dominant player in anime streaming outside Japan.

But in the end it determined that Sony would not have a monopoly. Data from market researcher Parrot Analytics shows that other players may be much larger. Its figures for content demand among subscription streamers in the U. There are also data integration toolkits available from various IT vendors that streamline, automate, and document the development process.

Enterprises that wish to remain competitive and relevant are embracing big data and all its benefits and challenges. Data integration supports queries in these enormous datasets, benefiting everything from business intelligence and customer data analytics to data enrichment and real time information delivery. One of the foremost use cases for data integration services and solutions is the management of business and customer data.

Enterprise data integration feeds integrated data into data warehouses or virtual data integration architecture to support enterprise reporting, business intelligence BI data integration , and advanced enterprise analytics. Customer data integration provides business managers and data analysts with a complete picture of key performance indicators KPIs , financial risks, customers, manufacturing and supply chain operations, regulatory compliance efforts, and other aspects of business processes.

Data integration also plays an important role in the healthcare industry. Integrated data from different patient records and clinics helps doctors in diagnosing medical conditions and diseases by organizing data from different systems into a unified view of useful information from which useful insights can be made. Effective data acquisition and integration also improves claims processing accuracy for medical insurers and ensures a consistent and accurate record of patient names and contact information.

This exchange of information between different systems is often referred to as interoperability. Big data integration refers to the advanced data integration processes developed to manage the enormous volume, variety, and velocity of big data, and combines this data from sources such as web data, social media, machine-generated data, and data from the Internet of Things IoT , into a single framework.

Big data analytics platforms require scalability and high performance, emphasizing the need for a common data integration platform that supports profiling and data quality, and drives insights by providing the user with the most complete and up-to-date view of their enterprise.

Investing in unified pictures variety mlb betting splits

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investing in unified pictures variety

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So as long as Unified focuses on helping organizers build and sustain real communities, I think it has a real shot at success. That gets to my second reason for backing Unified: it is centering organizers as its primary customer.

Most political technology tools and companies see campaigns and organizations as their primary targets, and the successful ones have thrived by helping those customers do a better job of raising money, targeting voters, testing messages, mass marketing and the like.

Even the most successful Democratic tech platforms, like ActBlue or Mobilize , which have respectively amassed millions of names of small donors and volunteers, do little to nothing to cultivate those people as independent actors worth supporting.

The parties and other organizations collect tons of data on voters but they do next to nothing to support these crucial intermediaries who walk the last mile and know how best to reach and motivate their neighbors or coworkers. Past issues of The Connector on this topic are here and here.

So I think Unified is aiming at filling a gap in the political tech ecosystem. There are only a few other platforms that aim to serve organizers first: Meetup. But none of those are really designed for organizing. There are a few platforms that do try to center community, including MightyNetworks , HiveBrite and Countable. But these are pitched at larger entities as their primary customer, either corporations brands or advocacy groups who need to build and manage communities in pursuit of their missions.

There are very good business reasons for selling your product to larger entities rather than individuals; they have budgets and ongoing needs that are relatively predictable, and giving them a software-as-a-service solution that they can white-label as their own action hub online makes plenty of sense. To the extent that Unified serves organizers well and makes their lives easier and happier, its odds of success rise, I think.

And that gets to my last argument for betting on Unified. It is very deliberately centering organizers as its first alpha and beta testers. You can sign up here if you want to join in. Its team has been steadily previewing new features as well on YouTube. Soon, in September, these folks and many of the groups they already organize with will be the first testbed for the alpha version of the tool. Beyond crowdfunding and a more traditional push for seed financing, how does Unified expect to sustain itself?

At the time, Frontline was creating "Metalwerks," a game well known inside the industry for being beyond the cutting edge of technology of its time. In addition to the technological and creative duties Rauer performed as a digital effects and content creator, he also served Frontline as a line-producer, overseeing budgets and front-end bookkeeping.

Metalwerks was subsequently acquired by Electronic Arts until, in a rather backhanded appreciation of Rauer's work, congress brought up Metalwerks in hearings regarding potential government censorship of the videogame industry as an example of how gaming technology was becoming immersive enough to be considered dangerous.

As part of the video game industry's settlement into self-regulation, Electronic Arts shelved the game permanently. Rauer went on to work as producer and lead animator for animation company Riveted Studios and then video game publisher Interplay, handling an impressive client base that included Sony, Pepsi, Pizza Hut, and 3DO. Rauer headed teams and provided effects and animation sequences on the high-profile video game adaptation of the extremely popular "Spawn" comics and the cross-platform hit title "Army Men" for Riveted as well as the flagship Star Trek title "Klingon Academy" for Interplay.

In , Kurt was lured from Interplay by the promise of internet science-fiction content and a dot-com startup called Galaxy Online. At Galaxy, Kurt was given the opportunity to head a think-tank and mini-studio called Galactic Labs. In addition to an ongoing Motorola contract, they performed as digital development artists on a number of high-profile feature films. Rauer was instrumental in Unified's first acquisition and distribution of Don't Move in starring Penelope Cruz and he helped produce and oversaw the post-production on Unified's first completely developed, produced, and theatrically released feature film, The Perfect Sleep.

Rudderless — film star William H. Macy's directorial debut — closed out the Sundance Film Festival and was acquired by Paramount for distribution. By combining years of management and leadership experience with his passion and skill for seemingly all facets of filmmaking, Kurt Rauer is a man in his element at Unified Pictures. His experience raising tens of millions of dollars for a variety of independent films gives him a unique perspective on the film market and a keen awareness of the financing climate.

Born in London and a native of Brighton, England, Ruffman began his career in working with commercial clients like video game titan Sega. Over the course of several years, she gained experience in capital budgeting, strategic planning, and financial analysis on both feature films and television.

Ungar left Disney to help a small startup company, which grew into the world-renowned DreamWorks Animation. In , Ungar left the animation industry to gain other experiences in Technology and Consumer Product companies. His background also includes working with top personalities and public figures in and out of the entertainment Industry from Johnny Carson to President George H.

Steve assists in building an appealing library of motion picture films that can objectively appeal to the community's understandable changes in tastes and at the same time embracing the importance of value. He feels that this can be achieved by minimizing cost and increasing the contribution of services that historically results in a better than average outcome for our equity partners and then the Company.

He knew early on he wanted to learn all aspects of how movies were made and had an even stronger desire to be part of the financial end of the industry, the profit sector. Two years later he moved to North Hollywood, CA. Larry became employed by United Artist Theaters and quickly worked his way up from being an Usher, through the concessions and on his way to become a projectionist and eventually a theater Manager all by the time he was eighteen.

He was the youngest theater manager in the chain at that time. Larry brings a vast array of talents and experience to the team at Unified Pictures. For over twenty years Larry has been a consultant to major motion picture studios and the entertainment industry as a whole. His relationships with such industry powerhouses as Paramount Pictures, Warner Brothers, Disney, Viacom, Buena Vista and many other production companies both on the east and west coast has aided in the securing of funding of many of our films.

Larry's background comes in the form of research and targeting markets and people that can contribute to the overall financial strength of any project from beginning to end. Larry Olmstead Senior VP - Business Development Nurturing his passion for film making super 8 movies during his childhood, Tim Montijo brings Unified Pictures its most diversified artist and certainly one of the most productive.

The days of making films as a child, was the trajectory Montijo advanced to the roles of animator, producer, visual effects supervisor, director, composer and executive for various film and television projects. Prior to launching Electro Age, Montijo served tenure at 2 of the most prolific companies, Blur and Rezn8, orchestrating visual effect for multiple television, film, special venue, and video games.

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Unified Pictures


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Investing Demystified by Lars Kroijer (Part 1 of 5)

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