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Gnrgy better places

gnrgy better places

Gnrgy was established in in order to find solutions for reducing carbon footprint in the world. Enjoying more than 10 years of experience. Locations. Israel. Raziel Street, Ramat Gan, Israel. Offices Abroad. Rambla del Brasil, Barcelona, Spain. Get carefree installation of your private charging station. Our charge spots are tested by the best. We provide onsite warranty that ranges from 24 to 60 months. ETHEREAL ULZZANG

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Eloya said his company would focus on operating the 1, public charging spots that service the country's more than 1, electric cars but would not sell cars or provide battery-swap services as Better Place did. Officials in the economics ministry and the courts said they were not immediately aware of the deal.

Better Place launched its operations in to great fanfare, starting out as a source of pride and a symbol of Israel's status as a global high-tech power. But it shut down in May after failing to sell its silent fleet of French-made sedans to a skeptical public. It capped a stunning fall from grace for Better Place and its founder Shai Agassi. If that were indeed the case, the opportunity to establish a large footprint in country as densely populated, well-educated and tech-savvy as Israel for fire-sale prices could make it a tempting acquisition target for Tesla.

Fast forward to Though Better Place only sold about 1, Fluence Z. As mentioned earlier, the one thing this otherwise unremarkable EV has going for it is that it is one of only two cars in the world that was designed for battery switching. From the customer's perspective, the Better Place model actually worked well and satisfaction was high. Swaps were as easy as taking a car to an automated car wash.

Without the unique convenience of battery swapping, the Fluence Z. More importantly, Renault-Nissan should be concerned about the damage that leaving Fluence Z. The alliance seems to have a general sense of what is at stake, quickly announcing its intention to continue to support the Fluence Z. What does this mean in light of the unique predicament in which Fluence Z.

Right now, the batteries are actually part of the Better Place assets, the disposition of which has been left to Better Place's Israeli liquidator. Owners merely leased them. The Better Place battery switching stations 37 in Israel and about 17 in Denmark are in limbo, robbing owners of the greatest benefit of driving a Fluence Z.

If the alliance is serious about its commitment to its customers, it should consider purchasing the Better Place switching station assets and doing whatever it can to help Fluence Z. No doubt these assets can be bought for a fraction of the cost it took to build them.

Had Car Charging won that bid, it would have been part owner of a lot of assets that were not germane to its business model, including the Better Place Battery switching stations and its inventory of unsold Renault Fluence E. Now that Gnrgy has bought the Better Place's EV charging network, Car Charging could find the new owner to be a much more appropriate acquisition target.

Besides giving Car Charging a huge first-mover advantage amounting to instant market dominance in an entire country Better Place had no competitors to speak of in Israel , the company would also gain some much needed know-how from Gnrgy. Unlike ECOtality, Gnrgy does all of its manufacturing and design in-house. Unlike in the U. Thus, Gnrgy and Better Place designed their chargers with sophisticated power management features.

These "smart chargers" are state-of-the-art compared to the problematic Blink chargers Car Charging inherited as part of the ECOtality acquisition. Not only could Gnrgy's engineers help Car Charging solve the overheating problem with the Blink chargers, but it would also give Car Charging the technological confidence to expand its network into other parts of the world where the power grid is very different from that of the U.

Under the direction of CEO and former Wall Street investment banker Michael Farkas, Car Charging is proving very adept at raising the kind of capital needed to acquire a company like Gnrgy. Clearly, Car Charging has the access to capital and the motivation to take a serious look at Gnrgy. A Better Beginning from an Untimely End It's often the case that one company's misfortune becomes another company's opportunity. For Tesla and Car Charging, the parting-out of the Better Place assets presents unique opportunities to not just get a foothold in foreign markets, but to effectively own the market for battery swapping or EV charging services in an entire country with demographics that are ideal for the EV to take root.

For Renault-Nissan, the Better Place assets provide a rare second chance to do right by their customers and repair the alliance's damaged goodwill. Better Place had a bold and inspiring vision for freeing an entire country from its dependence on oil from hostile neighbors through the propagation of the EV.

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