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In play betting explained lyrics

in play betting explained lyrics

The song has twice reached No. 1 in the UK singles chart: the pairing of Mariah Carey and boyband Westlife, in September , and then again by Steve. Instead, odds are that Swift penned this track recalling feelings of past Writing in my room / I played my songs in the parking lot.". The hazardous journey down the underground river in search of Inca Gold, the fight in the Sahara against overwhelming odds in the old French. FOREX BUY STOP EXAMPLE

A blue-collar poet, Seger has crafted sonnets to high school loves and odes to the Heartland. He has made epic heroes out of average men. After that, he took off like a silver bullet seeing nonstop success for the next decade. Like its predecessor, the album was an instant success and was certified platinum less than a month after its release.

Behind the Lyrics The lyrics describe a gambler, admired for their skill and ability to always make it out ahead. The opening lines are full of admiration from the frontman. Some folks are born made to wave the flag Quick Thought In the very first line of the song, John Fogerty makes it clear that the difference between the fortunate and the unfortunate sons has everything to do with birth.

Deep Thought Fogerty makes a link here between patriotism and a person's social standing. According to this line, the fortunate sons, born into privilege, are the most vocal of patriots. They are the flag wavers and the ones who find it easy to outwardly express their pride in being American. They are so patriotic that they actually seem "red, white and blue," Fogerty yells in the very next line.

But as Creedence makes clear by the end of the song, these fortunate sons are not the men who have to back up their flag-waving by putting their lives on the line in the Vietnam War. And when the band plays 'Hail to the Chief' Quick Thought "Hail to the Chief" is the song traditionally played to honor the President of the United States sometimes referred to as the Commander in Chief. Deep Thought "Hail to the Chief" is a marching song usually performed by the U. Marine Corps Band at official public functions as a show of respect for the President.

At the time that "Fortunate Son" was written, in , the band would have been playing "Hail to the Chief" for Richard Nixon. They point the cannon at you Quick Thought Here Fogerty changes the setting, tone, and mood of the entire song, simply by switching into the second person: now those cannons are pointed at you. Deep Thought Lyrically, John Fogerty is doing something pretty interesting here.

In the previous line, he mentioned "Hail to the Chief," which is played as a sign of respect or a salute to the President of the United States. This line brings to mind the gun cannon salute, which is often used at official state functions as yet another sign of respect for the president.

The cannons begin firing during the four ruffles and flourishes that precede "Hail to the Chief. Though cannons, an instrument of warfare, are used in the ritual, it is by no means meant to be antagonistic. Rather, the cannon salute is fired as a sign of respect.

But in this line of the song, Fogerty adroitly changes the tone and the setting. Rather than being fired in salute, the cannon is being pointed "at you. The speaker in the song is no longer at an official state function; he is in the trenches, at war. I ain't no senator's son Quick Thought John Fogerty sure is not going to get an A for grammar here with his use of a double negative. Deep Thought But that's not really the point. This is rock and roll after all. Rock is all about breaking the rules, and in "Fortunate Son," Creedence Clearwater Revival doesn't only break the rules of grammar again and again, but they defy American political authority.

In this line, Fogerty calls out the American political establishment, claiming that the sons of the elite were not the ones serving and dying in Vietnam. The sons of U. Senators who were of draft age were most likely enrolled in premier American universities, allowing them to avoid the draft.

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