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zoom poker 3 betting › poker › promotions › zoom-early-bird. How To Get Ahead: Zoom Poker Strategy Tips · Zoom Strategy Tip #1 - Assume Tighter Ranges · Zoom Strategy Tip #2 - Who Plays 4? · Zoom Strategy Tip #3 - Position. Features of Zoom Poker ; Preflop: · Ad Td MP2 calls $1, Hero raises to 6$ ; Flop: Qs Js 2d. MP2 checks, Hero bets 9$ ; Preflop: · Ad 2d. UTG raises to 3$. THE HUMAN PLACENTA IN DIABETES

It allows us to get thin value from hands that would check back but may even call a small bet with their bluff catchers. Smooth Calling 3-Bets even with our big hands Smooth calling 3-bets even with hands like QQ when out of position will help us to not only run into Aces and Kings when we 4-bet but not only this we are keeping worse hands in the pot and letting hands like JJ blast off on low boards against us.

When the River card comes BenCB states that he wants to go for a large sizing here, this is because if he got to this point with say T9s or JTs, for example, he would want to put maximum pressure when he is bluffing, so rather than going for a smaller sizing, he will always go large here because he can either apply max pressure or get max value. How to get max value in pots with top pair Ben manages to extract huge value in this hand, he starts with a slight overbet on the flop when checked to and proceeds to bet over the pot on the turn when he checked too again.

So he does check back and win the pot against J9. New customers only. This concept is particularly important when facing pre-flop 3-bets. When facing a 3-bet from The NIT, we can exploitatively fold all but the very top of our range. We can continue to make big folds pre-flop with confidence until The NIT adjusts by incorporating bluffs into their 3-bet range.

Considering the Size of the 3-Bet Theoretically, the size of the raise is the most important factor to consider when facing a 3-bet as it determines the pot odds we are being offered. Calculating pot odds is simple: divide the bet size by the total size of the pot, plus the bet size again. The larger the 3-bet size, the worse our pot odds will be and the more equity our hand will need to profitably make the call.

If and when the HiJack calls the 3-bet, there will be post-flop poker to play. Considering Raw Equity Versus Realized Equity The relationship between the raw equity of a hand and its profitability in practice is not a linear one. There are some hands that have a strong correlation between their raw equity and realized equity, but there are a far greater number of hands that either under- or over-realize their raw equity in practice. However, despite 22 having the higher amount of raw equity versus AKo — a hand that will frequently be 3-bet — its realized equity is far lower.

Hands that realize their equity poorly should usually hit the muck when facing 3-bets. Low pocket pairs are the most obvious hands that suffer from poor equity realization. Other examples will be discussed later, but as a general guideline: Suited hands realize their equity better than off-suit hands.

The more connected a hand is, the more equity it realizes. Note: Want to improve your poker skills, move up in stakes and make more money? Check out The Poker Lab, a training course that will change the way you look at poker. Facing a 3-Bet In Position Having position on your opponents is extremely valuable. Though it is difficult to quantify exactly how valuable it is, a quick look at a large sample size of hands using tracking software will clearly display this point.

The later the position, the more profitable it is. Acting last post-flop means we will have the max-amount of information available to us when making our decisions. Our hands do a better job realizing their equity when in position as a result.

When facing a 3-bet in position, we can justifiably call with a wider range of hands to account for our positional advantage. So, how should we react to this 3-bet as the player on the button with each specific hand? This will be more prevalent at low stakes for a couple of reasons: It is uncommon for players at low stakes to flat 4-bets out of position as facing challenging post-flop situations are often avoided by newcomers. Players at low stakes usually have a very low 5-bet frequency.

TT Middling to high pocket pairs play most effectively as flats versus a 3-bet in position. Also, given our positional advantage, we will more easily be able to get to showdown on seemingly scary boards with middling hands like 77 or Take KQs for example. Hands like these will often serve as effective semi-bluffs on a variety of board textures, which is aided by our positional advantage.

Suited connectors and one-gappers : Suited connectors like 76s, 87s, 98s and T9s do a fantastic job realizing their equity, as do suited one-gappers like J9s, T8s, etc. Given that they will realize all, if not more, of their equity, suited connectors definitely should be a part of our flatting range. Suited connectors are able to make very strong hands relatively easily. There are other hands that sorta fit into this category that make good calls as well, such as A5s, Q9s or K9s.

Despite such combinations having a high amount of raw equity, the frequency at which they are dominated makes them very difficult to play. They have little-to-no potential to make nutted hands, are difficult to use as bluffs and cannot be confidently value bet without two pair or better. Click here to learn more now! AA-JJ: Though occasionally flatting these hands can be good, it is best to 4-bet them the vast majority of the time.

These premium pocket pairs play best when there is a small stack-to-pot-ratio and isolated opponents, and 4-betting them will cultivate both of these conditions. We extract value when the 3-bettor calls the 4-bet with weaker hands.

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They will still be big losing players in the long run but they won't lose their money at the frantic pace that they do on the regular tables. The regs also aren't able to isolate and tilt them anywhere near as much. This plays into their favor in a big way as well. So basically, Zoom indirectly helps bad players hang on to their money longer. This is why I suggest that you enroll in an advanced poker training program if you really want to crush Zoom games.

Because you need to know the poker math, game theory and exploitative strategy in order to consistently beat good players. However, extremely nitty games can still easily be exploited. It just requires a bit different strategy. The great thing about the lowest stakes is that most of the regs are relative beginners who play ABC poker.

Therefore, they do not adjust very well to loose and aggressive players. They tend to just play their cards until it is painfully obvious that someone is clearly out of line against them. Then, and only then, might they adjust. The recreational players of course are always going to play bad no matter the stakes, even if they play a bit tighter like in Zoom.

A loose and aggressive LAG strategy is already insanely profitable at the micros these days on the regular tables. It simply wrecks these games. So what does "Play LAG" actually mean in practice though? Steal The Blinds More If your opponents are going to play too tight then stealing the blinds will become even more wildly profitable.

So it is a good idea to widen your opening range from all positions when playing low limit Zoom poker. Essentially, this also means, just play more hands. It is also a good idea to adopt a smaller opening raise size of 2. This allows you to risk less with all of the speculative hands that you will be opening with. Here is a complete training video where I discuss optimal blind stealing strategy: 2. If most players are just going to lay it down unless they have the nuts, then you should fight harder for more pots preflop by re-raising.

Also, the other thing about Zoom is that you are given less time to act compared to a regular table. And all Nits know this. Here again is another video tutorial where I show you exactly how to do it: 3. So one of my favorite ways to take more pots away from them is to flat with a wider range preflop, especially in position, and then attack any weakness postflop.

What are some specific ways to do this? And if you want even more I released a huge blog post literally last week showing you even more ways to float the flop and take the pot away. You can find that here. But these are three relatively cheap ways to take the pot away against weak micro stakes Zoom regs. None of them require you to stick a significant portion of your stack in the middle and they put a lot of pressure on your opponent.

You will get looked up from time to time of course. But against the hordes of weak mass multi-tabling regs at these stakes you will find that many more times they will just lay it down and let you have it.

Easy money. This includes the most advanced Zoom poker training lessons available today. Use my proven elite poker strategies to start winning fast. How does that change your strategy if at all? The thing about poker tournaments Zoom or regular is that it is all about the stack sizes and the ever increasing blinds. The only fundamental thing that you need to be aware of in a Zoom poker tournament is how to play differently in the early, middle and late stages.

The main thing that you need to know is that as the tournament gets to the later stages, and the stacks become more shallow less big blinds , you need to: Be more selective in the hands you choose to play Be more aggressive with the hands you choose to play If you are short-stacked less than 10 big blinds then this often means simply shoving all-in before the flop.

I don't want to get too deep into Zoom poker tournament strategy here though. Because I have already written the ultimate guide to micro stakes poker tournament strategy. It includes everything you need to know about Zoom poker tournaments. And you can find it right here. Sure, there are ways to exploit these nitty games like I just mentioned but the bottom line is that winrates will always be lower than at the regular tables. So why should anyone play on these tables then?

I also talk about this in a brand new video by the way, if you prefer. Make sure you are subscribed to my poker YouTube channel by the way for tons more advanced zoom poker strategy videos. Well, I am here to tell you that there are several reasons why they are worth playing and their continued popularity supports this as well.

Zoom Poker is Convenient The first reason why you should play Zoom poker is that it is simply way more convenient than the regular tables. While it is easier to find the fish, get the right seat and chase them around on the regular tables, all of this takes time and work. Many people just play poker part time as a hobby or as a small side income.

They just want to sit down and play! You just sit down and start playing immediately. This ease of access is going to attract plenty of regs but it is also going to ensure that plenty of fish continue to flock to these games as well. This is because fish have even less time. They play after work and on the weekends to relax. They just want to start playing immediately so Zoom poker is perfect for them.

On a typical Zoom table you will see about 3. And of course many people will play 2, 4 or even 8 Zoom tables at once. This makes Zoom an absolute dream for the true sicko grinders out there. It allows you to play an absolute ton of hands in a short period of time and this can be good for a few reasons.

Firstly, it simply allows you to reach the long run faster. You get to move past all that nasty variance quicker. This allows you to truly assess how your game is progressing and what adjustments might need to be made. You get direct feedback on exactly how good or bad you are doing. Zoom Poker is Ideal for Collecting Rakeback The other great thing about the ability to play massive amounts of hands is that you can earn a lot more in rakeback as well.

Rakeback is a percentage of the rake that nearly all online poker rooms give back to you as an incentive to play there. Now even though rakeback programs have been declining recently on a number of poker sites that spread fast fold games like Zoom including Pokerstars , there is still some decent money to be made overall. From my experience mass multi-tabling, if you are playing at NL25, then you should be able to earn hundreds of dollars per month and thousands of dollars per month at higher limits on top of what you already make at the tables.

They might even be small losers. But they play so many hands that they actually end up turning a reasonable profit in the end just because of rakeback. And of course if you can learn to both turn a profit at the poker tables AND collect lots of rakeback, then you will absolutely have it made. Fast fold poker games like Zoom are by far the best way to do this. This is why Zoom style games can actually be significantly MORE profitable than regular games for some hardcore grinders who are also good poker players.

If you don't know what these mean, check out this article of mine. We can also use the information gap to our advantage. When a Nit like this opens on the button his range will be pretty wide. Nits are also one of the player types that tends to fold too much to 3Bets. So when we pick up a reasonably decent hand like this in the big blind we can either call or put in the re-raise.

Calling is totally fine and you should definitely do that plenty of the time. Remember that they are often just playing a very tight ABC game on many tables at once. So by making plays like this more often in Zoom we can simply take down a lot more easy pots. This is especially effective against the weaker bad regs like this. As we discussed above, in Zoom poker the information gap means that you can get away with more bluffs like this because most people are expecting you to play straightforward and not get out of line.

A small suited ace is an excellent hand to 4Bet bluff with because it blocks other aces, meaning that it is less likely that our opponent has one. It can also make a few monster hands like the wheel straight and the nut flush. Finally, an aggressive TAG is also the perfect player to run a bluff like this against. In a late position battle like this his 3Bet range is likely going to be very wide. I discuss this in much greater detail by the way in Modern Small Stakes.

So instead of just folding and giving up or making a pretty iffy call out of position with a hand like this , we can simply put in the 4Bet and force him to lay it down. From time to time of course, certainly not every time.

A play like this creates an immediate and easy profit for us. Making simple but well timed bluffs like this are a very powerful weapon to get ahead in fast fold style games like Zoom. There are many online poker sites that you can use to practice physical distancing without missing out on your favorite game.

Although many professionals advise against socializing while playing because of the possibility of revealing your tells and flaws, it will always be one of the most interactive games. Gather more data that you can use to win games. The only thing that is a must for many poker pros is a HUD. It activates your senses as soon as you enter a cardroom. Another reason why many players prefer live games is the experience.

Online poker sites can never replicate the softness of the felt on your fingertips, the satisfaction of shuffling chips in between your fingers, and the luxurious comfort that only casinos can provide. Playing poker on Zoom is a way for you to level up your games because it allows you to have more interaction than if you were only playing private online games.

The idea behind playing poker on Zoom is just to take online poker games to a whole new level. You start a private poker table with your friends, start a conference with them, and then start playing and interacting with each other in real-time! Here are the things that you need to play poker on Zoom: Laptop for every player Zoom to host the games Payment Processor optional Private poker rooms These are the requirements to start and host poker on Zoom.

Requirement 1: Laptop A laptop is an absolute requirement for every player. This is the one that I love the most Amazon link. You will need a laptop to use Zoom App and play poker at the same time. Using a desktop is possible, but you need to set it up for the webcam, mic, and headphones.

There are just too many things to work on a desktop computer before you can use it to play poker on Zoom. However, you can use it to upgrade the games that you play. Nowadays, most online poker sites have adapted to the mobile-first approach, and all of them have their apps that run seamlessly on any smartphone.

We know many of you would want to have this experience, so we searched the web to look for a platform that you can use for this purpose. Forty minutes for a poker game is possible; sometimes, one of your friends will even run out of chips in the first few minutes.

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