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Beta soft systems private limited placement papers of it companies

beta soft systems private limited placement papers of it companies

Generally, a Reinforcement Learning (RL) system is comprised of two main components: An agent; An environment. Reinforcement Learning -. Superset's virtual campus placement and campus hiring software enables colleges to automate campus placements, helps employers hire young talent. Vedanta Limited visited for campus placement for the job profile of Graduate Engineer Trainee. The process took 3 days and was done in virtual online mode. MT GOX FINDS 200 000 BITCOINS IN OLD WALLET FOR WAR

Two other large customers are alsoputting pressure on BHH to cut prices without compromising quality. At a recent board meeting directors decided that the only wayforward was to keep design and finishing in Europe but outsource themanufacture of the basic garment to China. Unfortunately news of thisdecision leaked out to the workforce before the board could make aformal announcement, causing widespread unrest amongst employees, someof whom have worked for BHH for over twenty years.

There is thus now thethreat of strike action to try to resist feared redundancies. Required: Apply the change kaleidoscope model to BHH as follows: a Examine the wider strategic contextfor change by assessing the main environmental influences andconsidering the alternative strategies available to BHH.

Thereality includes presenting a convincing case to potential financers ofthe business, be they banks or venture capitalists. The key ingredientsinclude clearly saying what you plan to do and why people should want tobuy your particular service. Experts warn of starting with a detailedcash flow and then working backwards to make the numbers fit. You shouldregard the business plan as a management tool and not simply a salesdocument. Again, the advice is to make credible and achievableprojections; it is better to exceed low targets than fail to achieveover-ambitious ones.

Many business plans are based on deeply flawedresearch. Key to your business success will be the size of your targetmarket. There is much evidence to suggest that it is the make-up of theteam presenting the plan and their commitment rather than the businessidea itself that will determine whether the necessary financial supportis made. Clearly, you need to say how much money you require and why.

Againthe advice is not to be afraid to ask for large amounts if your businessrequires it. Figureare important and you need projected cash flows, profit and lossaccounts and balance sheets for at least three years ahead.

There needs to be a clear statement of the major steps andmilestones on the way to achieving your goals. Where are you now, wheredo you intend to be and how are you going to get there. One final point is to remember that no business plan ever wascarried out exactly! In many ways it is the quality of the thinking theplan includes and the actual process through which it is developed thatwill determine success.

Whilst writing abusiness plan may be a necessity in order to acquire financial support,there is much more question over the benefits to the existing smallbusiness, such as Gould and King, of carrying out strategic planning. One of the areas of greatest debate is whether carrying out strategicplanning leads to improved performance. Equally contentious is whetherthe formal rational planning model is worthwhile or whether strategy ismuch more of an emergent process, with the firm responding to changes inits competitive environment.

One source argues that small firms may be reluctant to create astrategic plan because of the time involved; small firms may findday-to-day survival and crisis management prevents them having theluxury of planning where they mean to be over the next few years. Secondly, strategic plans may also be viewed as too restricting,stopping the firm responding flexibly and quickly to opportunities andthreats. Thirdly, many small firms may feel that they lack the necessaryskills to carry out strategic planning.

Strategic planning is seen as a'big' firm process and inappropriate for small firms. Finally, owner-managers may be reluctant to involve others inthe planning process, which would necessitate giving them access to keyinformation about the business. Here there is an issue of the lack oftrust and openness preventing the owner-manager developing and sharing astrategic plan.

Many owner-managers may be quite happy to limit thesize of the business to one which they can personally control. On the positive side there is evidence to show that acommitment to strategic planning results in speedier decision making, abetter ability to introduce change and innovation and being good atmanaging change. This in turn results in better performance includinghigher rates of growth and profits, clear indicators of competitiveadvantage. If Gould and King are looking to grow the business assuggested, this means some strategic planning will necessarily beinvolved.

Question 2 Dunvegan Ltd Report Introduction I have been asked to give advice on the proposal to plant 1, hectares of land with Maho spruce. Political Mahogany currently comes from four countries in the tropics.

As itis a valuable export, these countries can be expected to be willing tosell mahogany irrespective of local political changes. In the UK, however, there is growing concern about thedeforestation of the tropics and suspicion about the source of manyhardwoods. It is possible that the UK or EC will tighten importlegislation. Locally-grown, renewable mahogany substitute should be favoured in this ecologically-aware age.

Economic Mahogany is principally used for building window frames etc. Both of these industries are very sensitive to thehealth of the economy. It is difficult to predict the economic health ofthe country ten years hence and so the project will have considerablerisk and uncertainty. Social If home-owning continues to grow, it is to be expected that demandfor high-quality materials will also grow. As mentioned under thepolitical paragraph, using tropical hardwoods could become sociallyunacceptable and it would appear that the Maho spruce should provide apolitically acceptable substitute.

However, some people may object to using genetically-engineered material. Technological Although Maho spruce has been patented, there is no reason whyother manufacturers could not develop similar products. That would drivedown the cost of seedlings a major cost of the undertaking and hencethe price that would eventually have to be achieved to make theinvestment pay.

The industry competitive position The industry competitive position can be analysed in terms ofrivals, buyers, suppliers, substitutes and potential new entrants to themarket. Rivals The potential rivals are the other UK forestry companies and the suppliers from the tropics.

Whether other UK forestry companies will decide to compete is a very complex decision and is discussed below. The foreign suppliers, which depend on their hardwood for valuableforeign currency, are likely to retaliate with price cuts when theyperceive Maho spruce as a threat. Buyers It is likely that there are many relatively small buyers of hardwood. If so, there will be little pressure from them. Suppliers The main supplier to Dunvegan Ltd is the supplier of the seedlings.

At the moment there is only one supplier and this would normally placethat company in a very strong position. However, the supply pattern here is unusual. Once 1, hectaresare planted, the supplier has no power at all over this project as nofurther supplies are needed for it.

Future projects would need to be evaluated in the light of supplier attitudes at the time. New entrants New entrants into the forestry industry are unlikely, but there issome risk if the crops become more lucrative and land is set aside fromnormal agricultural use EC regulations.

Much will depend on theperceived economies of the industry. Substitutes Maho spruce is an excellent substitute for mahogany. Substitutesfor Maho spruce might be other genetically-engineered trees with moreattractive or cheaper timber. Substitutes maturing more quickly would beparticularly serious as they would capture the market and drive downprices before Dunvegan's timber had matured.

Financial forecasts If the present price of mahogany and mahogany substitutes ismaintained, then the project will produce a positive net present value. Competitor reaction As mentioned above, it is likely that the foreign suppliers willcut their prices so as to keep earning foreign exchange.

The reaction ofUK forestry companies will depend on their estimates of future pricesand supplies. However, Dunvegan Ltd's competitors will have carried out similarcalculations. Their break-even points must be very similar to DunveganLtd's as the NPV calculation is dominated by the initial price of theseedlings and the final price of the timber.

The competitors can also be assumed to have read the economist's article in the trade journal. All the players are faced with an investment paradox. Of course, if they all believe this,no one will invest and the price would stay high. Of course, if they all believe this, all will invest and theprice would fall.

Conventional financial analysis is of little further help here. Itis crucial to try to find out the true intentions of the competition orto try to limit their scope for competition. It is in the interests of the producers of the Maho spruce to bringstability to their market. If everyone is afraid to invest, then thatcompany will get no revenue. An agreement with the supply company tolimit the sale of seedlings each year would ensure that the pricesremained higher and that investment would be worthwhile.

Size of investment The proposed investment is large, especially as there are manyimportant factors which could change over the project's life: theproject is high risk even if not using innovative technology. Risk could be reduced by planting over several years rather than1, hectares at one time.

That way the economics of the investmentcould be monitored and decisions taken about each slice of investment. Naturally, this approach would delay the maturity of some of the crop. There is a risk that this would reduce the final income if mahoganyprices were to fall but prices could also rise strong reaction againstnatural mahogany, economic upturn. Delaying planting could also reducethe initial price of seedlings as other bioengineering companies launchnew products.

Summary In so far as environmental factors can be judged, it would seemthat Maho spruce should be a popular product. The main risk arises fromtechnological advances which could produce similar cheaper timber. However, the economics of the project are very dependent on the futureprice of Maho spruce timber, its substitutes and the reactions ofrivals.

The company will be underpolitical pressure from the national government to reduce its dominanceby opening up the national telecom market to competition and reducingprices for telecom products charged to consumers. The government has appointed an industry regulator to bedirectly involved in the control of the telecom industry and T plc nodoubt will be under close scrutiny.

Political forces will be a majorfactor affecting the operations and plans of T plc. Economic factors There are three main economic elements that T plc needs to consider. These are: Shareholder wealth T plc's shareholders are a major stakeholder group who will have economic objectives of profit maximisation and rising share value. The contribution of the telecommunications industry to the national economy The telecommunications industry plays a major role in contributing towards economic growth and prosperity.

T plc has a responsibility to develop new technology and to provide a reliable, value for money service to its users. The economies of foreign countries The economic conditions in each foreign country T plc operates in should be considered e. Social factors Telecommunication products are social products used by peoplefor many reasons. The company should ensure that it understands thesocial role of the industry and provides a reliable service.

The companyshould also portray itself as socially responsible, have a set ofsocial objectives and keep in close contact with the consumers e. Technical factors The telecommunications industry is a high-tech industry that iscurrently very dynamic. T plc is the market leader in the industry andmust be innovative to maintain its competitive advantage. The companymust invest in research and development to ensure it has a constantsupply of new products in the years ahead to replace those going intothe decline stage of their product life cycle.

There is littlescope for obtaining any growth by increasing its market share. Mosthouseholds and businesses will have a conventional telephone line sosome of the company's products will be at the maturity stage of theirlife cycle offering little prospect of growth. Some market growth mightbe achieved by getting existing customers to use the telephone more. A market penetration strategy only offers limited growth prospects. Product development strategy This strategy involves introducing new products in existingmarkets.

T plc has already achieved a good track record for new productdevelopment and with continued investment in research and developmentshould maintain its momentum. There is a lot of market opportunity inthe industry for this strategy, for example further developments inmobile phone and Internet technology.

Market development strategy T plc has pursued a successful strategy of expanding intoforeign markets with existing products. In T plc's latest annualreport, the Chairman refers to developing these markets further. Tremendous opportunities exist in additional developing countries suchas those in Africa where the company currently has operations.

Diversification strategy This involves introducing new products to new markets and is ahigh-risk strategy. T plc is a large profitable company with aprospector innovative culture. The company should evaluate carefullythe risk of any diversification strategy and if opportunities exist theyshould be considered e. The company should pursue all four strategies with the mainemphasis on product development and market development, as these exploitthe company's main strengths of expertise in research and development,and growth in foreign markets.

Question 4 CSC Clothing a The extent to which location hashistorically determined the competitive advantage of CSC and the extentto which it will do so in the future are issues of crucial importance toKZ. A historical analysis of location provides a deeper understandingof CSC's strategic position, and an analysis of the extent to which itis still relevant will assist KZ as it contemplates shifting CSCproduction and exploiting the CSC brand image. The debate about location and comparative advantage is both long standing and ongoing.

However, the work of Porter Competitive Advantage of Nations presents us with a useful framework in which to consider the attributes of advantage. Porter identifies four interlocking elements which form a 'diamond' of location-based advantage. These four elements can be used to analyse the position of CSC as follows: Factor conditions. Intense home market demand conditions, led by sophisticated and numerous independent buyers, drive firms to innovate continually and improve their products.

Over time, CSC has been required to meet the demanding product requirements of the Scottish hill farmers which means that its products have evolved features of superior weatherproofing and durability. Although the products may today be bought by people who will never venture on a mountain in winter, they are nevertheless buying into what is seen to be a product ownership image associated with the product's history and design attributes similar to buying an off-road, four-wheel drive vehicle for use within a city environment.

Related and supporting local industries, which through mutual support and collaboration enhance competitive potential, for example through design synergies achieved by close co-operation between firms operating within the value chain.

CSC has enjoyed the support of local weavers which allows integration of cloth requirements such as supply and delivery, quality attributes and, in particular, the traditional pattern design used in the garment fabrics. Intense local demand rivalry which leads to the emergence of firms with strong competitive characteristics, in other words, the home market hones competitive skills which promote domination in worldwide markets. This appears to be the case within CSC's home market where CSC first emerged as the market leader among a number of competing Scottish firms within this specialist garment business.

CSC has evolved througha one-hundred-year period of relative business stability and freedomfrom either intervention or subsidy. Finally, there is always an elementof chance within business success stories. Both opportunities have in partbeen made possible by the chance adoption of its basic products by therich and famous, which in turn has made the products prestigious andtherefore ones which the not-so-rich and famous wish to acquire.

However, it is doubtful towhat extent this move has a strategic fit with the competitive strategyadopted by CSC. In this case, the niche is aglobal one which targets similar customers with similar aspirationsworld-wide other product examples, Rolex, Gucci and is independent ofcultural differences. The decision cannot be cost-based aloneand subsequently made in isolation of the values, needs andrequirements of the customers of CSC and their associated patterns ofbuyer behaviour.

CSC products are not bought on the basis of price, buton the basis of buyers seeking to acquire reflected status associatedwith the product. The fact that each garment is handmade in Scotland, usingtraditional materials and design, is a key part of what the customer isbuying into.

Although it may bepossible to maintain product quality by moving production away fromScotland KZ would run a major risk of destroying the CSC product conceptand hence the differentiation element which allows the adoption of apremium pricing approach. Question 5 Scottish Holidays The business has used time series analysis to prepare its forecast as follows: The trend The first table has been used to calculate the underlying trend inthe data and any past seasonal variations.

The first two columnsrepresent the actual recorded historic data. The next two columns represent the trend calculation. Firstly amoving average has been calculated. A two period average has beencalculated though a longer period may have been more appropriate inorder to 'iron out' any anomalies.

It is moved forward by one periodeach time by adding a new period and removing the oldest period sothat an underlying trend can be identified. These moving averages are then averaged each pair is totalled anddivided by two to give a centred moving average.

This allows the movingaverage to tie together with actual data periods. This centred movingaverage is the trend line. So we can tell that over the four years sales have shown aconstant underlying increase. The seasonal variation The final column is used to calculate the seasonal variation.

Thisis the difference between the actual sales and the underlying trend. This pattern recurs through all 4 years, with summer periodsshown seasonal peaks well above the trend, and winter periods showingtroughs well below the trend. The forecast The forecast is in two parts. Firstly the trend line has beenextrapolated forward to Winter 20X9.

This has been done by taking thelast recorded trend figure An average increase in the trend has been calculated overthe four years using a high low method. Once the underlying trend figure has been identified for winter20X9, this trend is then adjusted for the average seasonal variation calculated earlier to give the forecast sales for winter 20X9. Validity of the calculation Advantages There are some advantages in using this method of forecasting.

Firstly, there appears to be a clear seasonal pattern to past sales andusing time series analysis is a good way of identifying and using this. Secondly, the trend seems very consistent so that using past data topredict future sales would seem to be theoretically sound. Thirdly, thebasis of the forecast seems sound in that the average increase in thetrend and the average seasonal variation have been used to produce theforecast sales.

Disadvantages But the method also has some disadvantages. The main disadvantageis that it ignores changes in the external environment. This isimportant in this scenario due to the political factors that couldpotentially boost sales in future periods. The government's initiativesmay mean that winter sales are not as low as in the past and thattherefore the underlying trend and seasonal variation may not beapplicable.

The method also doesn't account for any internal changes to theorganisation. It may well be that the business will carry out extramarketing or make some capital investments which might also 'buck' thetrend experienced in past years. Conclusions The technique used by the business is accurate and theoreticallysound. However, the business is likely to experience significant changesdue to new government plans which may mean that past data will not be agood predictor of future sales patterns.

The flexibility given to the Admins in terms of getting the portal adapted even to the minutest of requirements on a campus-level stands testimony to the universality of the product. We have been able to send and receive communication through Superset seamlessly in the past 2.

Students and TPOs find this app as robust as any other best social media apps being used by most of us. We have been able to streamline all our processes right from student management, job-postings, job process, performing analytics, scheduling, and enhancing our reach amongst the students with the use of mobile app. Apart from all the above, the companies support in being able to provide customised applications is really commendable.

All this is done with the help of a user-friendly, easy and robust software system.

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