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Communist party congress cryptocurrency

communist party congress cryptocurrency

Here are the key takeaways from President Xi Jinping's unveiling of China's most powerful political body, and from the Communist Party congress. Chinese President Xi Jinping is poised to win a third five-year term as General Secretary of the ruling Communist Party, the most powerful. BEIJING -- The Chinese Communist Party's constitution now states that Xi as the core during debates at this month's party congress. BITCOIN TOKEN BTK

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Communist party congress cryptocurrency cred cryptocurrency reddit communist party congress cryptocurrency

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Details remain scarce and the Communist Party of Cuba has yet to flesh out its specific plans regarding cryptocurrency. But should the country take its cues from Venezuela, a fellow socialist nation and strong political ally, then anything from developing its own state-backed digital currency to making use of established cryptos such as Bitcoin or Ethereum , could be on the table.

Bitcoin meets politics Bitcoin and cryptocurrency have increasingly become part of the larger geopolitical discussion. All the while, however, several prominent US institutions like Tesla , BlackRock, Anthony Scaramucci's Skybridge and even Miami continue to look to Bitcoin as a potential inflation hedge, protecting their assets should the dollar decline. Nations such as Brazil, Iran, China, Bermuda, Venezuela, and the Marshall Islands have taken various approaches that range from supporting the cryptocurrency mining industry to developing sovereign digital currencies.

Venezuela has taken it a step further and confirmed that it now includes Bitcoin and Ethereum as part of its international reserves. While cryptocurrency adoption remains low relative to the general population, small communities of Bitcoin users in Cuba are flourishing —and growing. Crypto proponents contend that the only clear guidance from the SEC has been found through various one-off lawsuits.

They point to the SEC's ongoing case against Ripple Labs, a blockchain software company that uses the XRP cryptocurrency in cross-border payment settlements for banks. That is not how due process of law is supposed to work in a well-functioning republic.

As the U. The way to do that is not via inconsistent and incoherent regulatory enforcement based on whether a specific type of cryptocurrency is found to constitute an "investment contract" i. SEC Chairman Gary Gensler has thus far unhelpfully stated that most cryptocurrencies are likely securities. That is insufficient guidance.

President Joe Biden is said to be weighing an executive order to direct agencies to craft clearer crypto regulations, but it is impossible to have any faith in doddering Uncle Joe's ability to unilaterally help matters in such a novel area of the economy. An entirely new approach is needed.

One need not think very hard about where that new set of coherent legal guardrails ought to come from. Congress urgently needs to step in and either force the SEC to provide actual, meaningful "regulatory clarity" for the entirety of the cryptocurrency industry, or to draft legislation.

Communist party congress cryptocurrency verge cryptocurrency prediction

China's Communist Party Congress to Close

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