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Ethereal monsters on composer island

ethereal monsters on composer island

In the "Composer Island" mode, the player can compose their own songs with 9 Ethereal My Singing Monsters Breed Combo Ethereal monsters and island are. Plus enjoy Monster parts not found on My Singing Monsters' Composer Island, like unique Rare sounds and the mysterious Ethereals. My Singing Monsters Composer. Create the full songs of all Islands, except of course Composer Island and Colossingum. A blacklist and/or whitelist of monsters can be specified. RegEx may be. DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PLACENTALS AND MARSUPIALS WITH BIG

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Ethereal monsters on composer island ethereum card hash rates


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How to make Ethereal Island (with my custom naturals) in MSM Composer! + new castle! - Tutorial ethereal monsters on composer island

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To edit a Monster's song, the player must first purchase a Monster that they want to compose a song for. Multiple Monsters of the same species can be placed on Composer Island. By default, the player starts out with one song.

However, you can purchase more; the second song can be bought for 50 , a third for and a fifth for The monsters on Composer Island do not give money and cannot be fed. Monsters, with exception of Glowbes, on Composer Island may be biggified as well. Only the Natural Monsters, in their non-Rare versions, as well as Glowbes are available for purchase on Composer Island.

A song with monsters that aren't allowed can be shown here. You cannot buy Structures or Decorations on Composer Island. Music Composer Island does not have official music. Created by the player, Composer Island's song can vary immensely. The actual tempo can vary from 40 beats per minute all the way to beats per minute.

Time signatures work a bit differently, as both parts of it can be changed. The top part of the time signature can be from 1 to 12, while the bottom part can be changed to either 2, 4, or 8. The Castle does not play a bass, and cannot be edited to do so.

Castle Upgrades Composer Island does not require castle upgrades. However, Composer Island has a maximum of 40 Beds. In addition, Monsters now only consume one bed on this island as in one monster equals one bed. Glowbes take up 0 beds. This means one of every Natural Monster can be placed here, and as many Glowbes as one wishes.

Creating a Song To create a song for a Monster, tap on the Monster you would like to create a song for and click the Compose button. A screen that looks like a musical sheet will appear. From here, the player can edit things like the key signature, the time signature, and the song's tempo.

To create a sound, tap on any of the lines present on the musical sheet. On the sheet, there is a staff with seven sections 15, if you include the top and the bottom lines. Every island has a face-like area in its front part.

This is because the game's lore treats them as huge ancient Monsters known as Island Giants that saved the Continent's Lands when it split up. Every Natural Island is missing one of the five Natural elements not including the lost element Fire.

This means that a Monster cannot exist on an island which is missing any of the Monster's elements. In third place are Tweedle , Kayna , the common Wubbox , and each of the seven Dipsters , each of them being in eight different islands.

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All Ethereal Island Monster Sounds / Notes - Composer Island Version

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