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Betting lines explained mma fighters

betting lines explained mma fighters

The fighter with the negative value is 'usually' considered the favorite, and if both fighters have a negative value, then the fighter with the higher number is. American odds are calculated based on how much money you have to bet in order to win $ The odds are always accompanied by either a plus [+] or minus [-]. When betting a favorite, you need to wager the amount of the odds to win $, so if the odds are it will take a $ bet to win $ When betting an. BITCOIN PRICE IN USD NOW

The money line is simply a numerical expression of odds and is used prominently in MMA wagering. When explaining money lines, the most difficult part of it is that most people are accustomed to odds expressed in a fractional form. We all grew up hearing of a favorite that was to-1 or an underdog that was 8-to Money lines express the same thing, but allow for more variance.

A money line allows for more nuance and it very easy to understand. Cerrone is He is the favorite. Any number listed with a minus-sign is a favorite. He is the underdog, as is anything where the odds are listed with a plus-sign. If you remember the following, you will understand money lines. You could bet any amount and the odds would just break down proportionately. Minus-sign means a favorite. Plus-sign means an underdog. Totals: For the more major fights, the sportsbook will offer a bet on the total--how long the fight will last.

We will get an example from the upcoming UFC card. The odds for Jiri Prochazka to defeat Glover Teixeira is 1. Glover Teixeira is the underdog bookies give him fewer chances to win the fight. The value is 2. Divide by 6 and multiply by 1 to calculate your profit.

Taila Santos is the underdog, but it becomes difficult now — you calculate the potential profit for the fighter who has fewer chances to win the fight. Here is an example: Over 1. When it ends earlier, you lose. Over 1. The greatest value to bet is over or under 4. Round X Here is a good example. You will lose even if Texeira defeats Prochazka in rounds 1, 2, 4, or 5. The greatest values are for round 5 and method.

Every successful parlay is awesome, even if you earned five or ten bucks. For us, the best fight odds are the ones that give you profit. Diehard betting addicts like plus values, which means profiting dollars or above for a one-hundred-dollar wager. But these MMA odds are riskier, sometimes picking a side or a minus value brings you a greater probability of winning the bet.

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Parlays are an excellent way to get a significant favorite at a more affordable price than betting them straight up. Check our parlay betting strategies to learn how to place these wagers correctly. All sportsbooks offer at least moneyline or outright winner odds when betting MMA live.

Each sportsbook offers different options for wagering on mixed martial arts or UFC live events. Live betting odds are updated in real-time in relation to how the fight plays out. Keep this in mind, changing odds could play in your favor, especially when an underdog is performing better than expected. The best wagers or best bets for a UFC fight depends, well, on the fight and how you may think it will play out.

Sometimes there is going to be more value in outright winners of a fight, and other times, propositions will be a better option. In a sense, these markets may offer bettors the most value because they have far higher betting limits than MMA propositions.

Those will be the best UFC bets to place. Here are some of the best tips to bet on MMA fights explained by our experts. For instance, a favorite must win Be careful laying a lot to win a little. Evaluate each match without emotion and instead, with the odds in mind.

Betting Tip 3Analyze Fighting Styles Understanding the primary fighting styles of each fighter and how they match up against their opponents is vital to MMA betting success. Specific styles match up well against others, while some do not. A submission fighter or wrestler that looks to take his opponent to the ground may have a harder time staying on the feet against a striking specialist.

On the other hand, a striker with lousy takedown defense and poor ground game will suffer facing a wrestler or BJJ specialist. Of course, a basic understanding of MMA and betting odds are required to win, but the rest is learning the ins and outs of the competition. You can take it a step further by looking at the odds of each match and analyzing the line movement. There you will see how the odds changed from the opening number to the closing number. Also, watch as much MMA as possible.

The size of the cage factors heavily when handicapping a fight. The most commonly used cage is square feet, while the smaller and less commonly used cage is square feet. Smaller cages will lead to more exchanges and will be negative for fighters that base their attack around lots of movement. The larger cage is ideal for a fighter that is moving around a lot and uses cardiovascular strength as an advantage.

The difference in odds can be substantial if you line shop properly. The implied probability for Mansour Barnaoui is In MMA the round total represents elapsed or completed rounds as time. A half round is 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Any half-round total represents the first of the round following the previous whole round. For example, a 2. If the fight ends on or before round 3 at , the under wins. If the fight ends round 3 at or after, including a decision, the over wins.

MMA total round bets can push if the fight ends exactly on the total line. Consider again a 2. If the fight ends exactly at of round 3, all total bets would push. This is highly unlikely to happen. Similarly, a 4.

If the fight ends on or before round 5 at , the under wins. If the fight ends round 5 at or after, including a decision, the over wins.

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Bettings odds in MMA and Boxing - How do they work?


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