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Martin tillier forex

martin tillier forex

Writer, reaearcher, and pundit on markets and investments. Daily cobtributor to Head or Research for SmartFi. Is this you? As a journalist, you. Nasdaq columnist Martin Tillier on Thursday interconnected dots between the recent financial events and Bitcoin value. In his article, the foreign exchange. Columnist Martin Denholm, Investment U Investing and Stock News. FX Empire. FX Empire Martin Hutchinson. Money Morning. Martin Tillier. FOREX DAY TRADING EXPOSED

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The OCM has yet to publish the regulations around implementation and then, once they do, they will start taking applications for licenses. Hopefully, those regulations will give some clarity as to the rules around where the businesses will be located. Possible Obstacles Even if the OCM does clarify the regulations regarding location, there may still be some additional holdups and obstacles as the law is actually implemented at the local level.

The MRTA includes the usual restrictions on licenses granted for locations close to schools and churches but when local populations are consulted, there could be objections to proximity to parks, museums, libraries, or almost anything. Add in the right of the local governments to pass zoning laws and there are significant opportunities for opponents of the cannabis industry to create some serious roadblocks to implementation of the law at the local level.

Applicant Approval Process On the positive side for the industry, the New York law is more streamlined than some of its precursors, in that it does not require municipalities to approve licensees or locations before submitting them to the state for approval, as most others do. However, applicants must notify the local authority of their application and intention to open a business, giving them at least 30 days notice of their intent to apply.

It is not clear whether these notifications will be part of the public record or not, nor is there any indication that they would prompt any mandatory public meetings or other consultation processes. We believe that they can, should, and will hold such meetings, however.

There are public meeting requirements for other land use proposals, and exempting the new cannabis businesses from the standard practice would create problems. Allowing for consultation would also result in a greater degree of buy-in from local populations and minimize future protests and complaints.

Clearly, even though the deadline for opting in or out has passed, New York is still some way from implementing its adult-use cannabis law. The next step will be for the OCM to write and publish their specific regulations and recommendations around implementation. Once those regulations are published, it will be up to local governments to hold whatever hearings they deem necessary, then to issue zoning ordinances where they believe them to be needed or desirable.

Those ordinances are important to the towns and cities, because they are their way of controlling how many locations exist under their jurisdiction. The fact that applications are made at the state level rather than local means that they could not do that in the normal way, by approving only a preset number of applicants.

Zoning restrictions will give them back that power. Conclusions New York is now one step closer to having a viable, vibrant cannabis industry, but the process is really only just beginning. The OCM will now issue rules, the local authorities will consider zoning, and there will inevitably be fights and lawsuits that follow that. The simple fact, though, is that the vast majority of the population of New York are effectively opted in to the establishment of marijuana businesses and, whatever the problems, those businesses are coming.

About The Author: Martin Tillier has nearly forty years of experience in and around financial markets. He started in the London interbank forex market, then worked in dealing rooms in Tokyo, Warsaw, and Moscow before moving to the States, where he focuses on analysis rather than trading.

We were always on the lookout for a situation where positions were lopsided, knowing that if everyone else were already short, aggressive buying would have an exaggerated effect. After a crazy couple of weeks in stocks like GME, BB, and AMC, most people are now all too aware of that trading technique and know exactly what a short squeeze is.

There has been some volatility on the way up, and this looks at first glance like just another consolidation. But there is one significant difference about this dip. What that is becomes clearer if we look at 3-month charts for the same stocks… This time around, the decline in both CSIQ and FSLR has come as trading volume in the stocks the bars at the bottom of the charts has declined quite significantly and consistently.

That tells me that the buying frenzy is almost over. Those that wanted to buy already have, and there is no one to buy on this dip. Before we go any further, let me make one thing clear. Back when I worked in the forex market, executing a squeeze was not that hard. I worked on a big, powerful desk that turned over billions of dollars a day. We had the muscle to do it and could easily recruit others to the cause.

If I can see that, so can others and it is collective action that moves markets.

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