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Go to sign up page of kodak coin cryptocurrency

go to sign up page of kodak coin cryptocurrency

(see my crypto blog, linked in my profile.) KodakOne/KodakCoin going down won't affect Eastman Kodak financially - the deal is just a licensing. A statement posted at the KodakCoin website said more than 40, investors had signed up to participate in the initial coin offering. Kodak Joins the Crypto Revolution with KodakCoin · Kodak Stock Surges · Sign Up for Our Newsletter! · Patrick Smith · Related Posts · ALGO Price Predicted to Go Back. ONLINE BETTING BRAVADO

When considering the volume of digital imagery already found on the World Wide Web, estimated to be in excess of 1. As a result, photographers leave a lot of money on the table. Trust: Industry-wide lack of transparency means that photographers are unable to verify royalty statements. The team believes that blockchain technology provides the most optimum way for photographers and agencies to store digital image assets and associated metadata in a way that can track ownership, rights and license transactions regardless of where those images are used and by whom.

The combination of the KODAKOne platform and KODAKCoin tokens deliver a licensing platform that tracks usage, gives creators more control over licensing, while also enforcing copyright, not to mention create a marketplace to meet all of the needs of photographers. Additionally, it is the driving force behind the KODAKOne marketplace, where photographers can purchase almost everything needed in orders to succeed in their professional careers.

Artificial Intelligence: The KODAKOne platform will categorize and enrich images in multiple ways — helping collect and tag valuable information associated with a certain image to help photographers and agencies to effortlessly organize imagery. The KODAKOne platform will also support copyright holders to legally clear their images and make the process as simple as possible.

This provides photographers and agencies with real-time data to assist them with content plans, refining distribution and marketing strategies. Blockchain: The digitized, decentralized blockchain ledger will make it easier to store and access information without the need to go through a central authority such as a distributor. Photographers will have much more control over licensing and most importantly, can earn a much higher share of the license fee.

It establishes proof of ownership and enables the platform to process license fees in real time using smart contracts — lending both trust and ultimate control to copyright holders worldwide. By using AI, the more information the web crawlers collect, the more intelligent and efficient they become in data collection and infringement identification over time.

Where unlicensed usage of images is detected, the platform will efficiently manage the post-licensing process, with photographers then rewarded with KODAKCoin tokens. If the idea is a success it presents exciting possibilities for other creative fields, such as music. Initial coin offerings begin on January 31st to investors in the U. Do you think KodakCoin will be a success?

Will it be useful in helping artists earn their rightful inc0me? Let us know in the comments below! For updates and exclusive offers enter your email. Sign Up I consent to my submitted data being collected and stored. Leave this field empty if you're human:.

Go to sign up page of kodak coin cryptocurrency place bet on world series


In an official announcement , Kodak said the cryptocurrency would underpin "an encrypted, digital ledger of rights ownership for photographers. The idea is that photographers could use Kodak's forthcoming blockchain to register works, with "KODAKCoin" functioning as a medium of exchange on the platform.

Users can receive payment in the cryptocurrency as well as pay for rights, according to the company. The unveiling marks the first time Kodak has revealed its interest in the technology. The company is perhaps best known for its photography-related products, though a bankruptcy and subsequent recovery in led the firm to focus more actively on printing and digital film.

Existing licensing platforms often take 30 — 90 days to pay out usage royalties to photographers. This means that photographers cannot benefit from new revenue streams that will maximize their income. Another concern is the issue of trust when it comes to royalty payments. Since existing image rights management platforms are centralized, photographers have to trust the company that their royalty payments are correct.

There is a lack of transparency when it comes to detailed royalty statements. Since image rights are often split between multiple parties it is hard and time-consuming to attend to this admin. The use of Ethereum smart contracts can ease this administrative burden. The platform speeds up efficiency for photographers using artificial intelligence AI and big data, saving them time and resources.

It manages the entire workflow of the photo management process, including registration, protection and distribution bringing them additional income that might have been lost. The KODAKCoin will create a community around image-related intellectual property IP and create confidence around the buying and selling of images with copyright. The transparent nature of the blockchain will ensure that trust is gained and copyright information cannot be modified.

It is compatible with any Ethereum wallet. You cannot buy the coins directly yet. The scope of products include photographic equipment. Services include flights, hotels, apartments, models, venue hire and studio bookings. KODAKCoin can also be used by sellers to enhance their listings for better visibility and to promote their images and services on the marketplace.

Photographers can register their images on the blockchain. It is immutable so their ownership of images cannot be changed to deleted. The platform also uses smart contracts to licence the images to the relevant people, be it individuals or multiple parties. The public nature of the Ethereum blockchain means that all the royalty payments are transparent. Payments are instantly made when royalties are due through smart contracts that execute automatically when certain conditions are triggered.

Photographers and rights holders can track exactly where their images are used. There are also post-licensing fees that are collected. This can be seen as the image policing service. When someone has already used an image and the web crawler detects their usage, they are charged for usage or for damages arising from their usage.

Go to sign up page of kodak coin cryptocurrency here comes cryptocurrency times for kids

Kodak using Ethereum Smart Contracts - Kodak Coin ICO (KodakOne) - Worth Investing In? go to sign up page of kodak coin cryptocurrency

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