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Back and lay betting strategies

back and lay betting strategies

Let's lay bet: a step-by-step process. · Choose your market selection: just like if you're back betting – but this time, pick the market selection box in pink. 'Back-to-Lay' betting is a technique whereby. The basic concept behind the back to lay strategy is that the odds of horses that go off in front (front runners) shorten in running. In fact if. CANDLESTICK PATTERNS FOR FOREX

The variation in odds will hopefully secure a profit, again before the event is completed. One of the key advantages of the Betfair Exchange is that it allows bettors to create a position in a market where they can profit from several, or even all outcomes. The value indicates how much money you stand to make — displayed in green — or to lose — displayed in red— should the corresponding selection win. So how do we as Exchange bettors get ourselves into such a desirable position?

The short answer is that we need to adjust our position in a market as it develops, so that we lay bets at shorter prices than we then back them at, or back at bigger prices than we then lay them at. All of the following techniques work to the same fundamental principle: removing your risk by betting tactically on alternative outcomes, to create more scenarios where you win.

The more you watch of the event and the more twists and turns there are, the greater the opportunity to trade yourself into an even better position. Back-to-lay betting: the basics Two-runner markets usual occur in in head-to-head sports where a result cannot be tied — like tennis, darts in knockout tournaments or snooker.

Altior and Cyrname are racing over 2m 2f on soft ground. The horses are closely matched, one with a speed advantage and the other with a stamina advantage, so tactics and pace will be decisive. The market has Altior at 1. In-play betting now sees Cyrname trade at 1. Essentially, this means two more options have now opened up for you. This means you now have an opportunity to come away with a profit regardless of the result — and where the technique of back-to-lay can come in.

Firstly, you could lay off your potential losses by backing Cyrname not to win. In this instance, because there are only two horses, this would most likely require Altior to win although it also includes the possibility that neither horse completes the race and there is no winner. However, you also have the option not just to lay off your potential losses on Cyrname, but instead to choose to try to win money on Altior. In other words, not only can you lock in a profit if the odds move in your favour, you can also change your mind and go for a still-bigger win.

We can illustrate when you might want to do this with our example. If there was an easy answer, anyone would be able to do it. Still, there are lay betting strategies that can set you on the right path. What is Lay Betting? First, we need to answer a very basic question — what is a betting exchange? Sites like Betfair are not your typical online sportsbook.

Instead, they are sports betting platforms that connect players and allow them to wager against each other. As you might imagine, there are two sides to this. Other players then browse these offers and accept the ones they find attractive.

The option to set the odds has opened up the door to many new soccer betting strategies. For starters, you can get a better price on exchanges than most regular fixed-odds sportsbooks. That makes laying and backing football bets worthwhile to just about anyone. However, there are specific strategies for lay betting that can help you understand just why exchanges have become so popular among professional punters.

Imagine that a bookie is offering 2. Now imagine a different sportsbook is offering 2. Although rarely, this sort of thing happens because different bookies calculate probabilities differently. However, most top online sportsbooks frown on betting arbitrage and consider it a bannable offense. Simply find opportunities where you can lay the bet at shorter odds than a different fixed-odds bookie is offering. Lay the bet at shorter odds, and wager at the sportsbook with longer ones.

Otherwise, your lay bet wins. The best way to do so is by relying on odds drifting.

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