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My idea of making india a better place behavioral health

my idea of making india a better place behavioral health

India is one such country in the developing world with a fragmented mental health system in need of improvement. Tailoring mental health care to local. We connect people to an extensive network of providers, innovative tools that improve access to care and resources that inspire them to be more engaged in their. Looked at in another way, people living with mental disorder can also achieve good levels of well being – living a satisfying, meaningful, contributing life. UFC 160 BETTING PREDICTIONS AGAINST THE SPREAD

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My idea of making india a better place behavioral health nhl stanley cup bets


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My idea of making india a better place behavioral health scotbet golf betting rules

Making mental health a focus at the workplace


The Prime Minister wants to reach out to the private sector basically to get help to build toilets. But the corporates should not end up just building toilets. Let me start with my own experience. Long before the government thought about addressing open defecation issue, I embarked on a toilet project in in one of the villages called Huskur in the outskirts of Bangalore. This was a Biocon Foundation project; we decided to set up a community toilet block in Huskur village for men and women and till today it serves a very good purpose.

We also realized that building a community toilet is not enough but maintaining it is going to be very crucial. We gave the management of the community toilet to the local people, paid them a salary to maintain the block. And we also realized that water was a big issue, and we ensured uninterrupted water supply. Today that community toilet in fact is able to service not only the villagers but also over visitors coming in for the Ayappa temple festival nearby.

However, we encouraged the panchayats to avail of the subsidy by supporting them with the rest of the amount. As I am the Honorary Consul for Ireland, we ensured around individual toilets were built in Huskur with aid from the Irish government. We made each household get involved in some activity or the other of building the toilets so that they could feel the ownership.

We also taught the villagers how to use the toilets. So, today if you go to Huskur village you will see the toilets still being used very well. The government has now increased the subsidy. Now, personally I believe that the government should use CSR to basically catalyse or run pilots for these toilet projects. The actual meaning is to not let anything wrong happen in front of your eyes! Clean India If only every person stopped littering, spitting or urinating in public, the roads in India would be so much cleaner.

So, instead of cribbing about the pollution, it would be better to change our habits. Your one good habit can bring a change. The Ugly Indian 4. Each one teach one Illiteracy is the root of many superstitions and crimes. The good news is that a large population of India is educated. Pass on the knowledge and make India brighter. Feed the hungry Most petty crimes are committed because people need money to feed their family.

But if each common man made it their responsibility to take care of the ration of a BPL family every month, there would be no more hunger. Green India Planting trees is a wonderful way to control pollution as well as improve the weather! So next time you are cribbing about the oppressive heat in your city, plant a tree! Sone ki chiriya India was known as the Golden Bird in the olden days.

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