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Gamma phi beta alabama haunted places

gamma phi beta alabama haunted places

A list of ghost stories, folklore tales, urban legends, paranormal hotspots, and haunted places in the state of Alabama. Find haunted locations near you!! Visit TGI Greek to find the best fraternity and sorority designs that include the phrase "haunted house ". Tuscaloosa - Gamma Phi Beta Sorority House - The name or origin of the ghost is not known for sure, but the legend has it that before. BETTING SHOPS SAUNDERSFOOT HARBOUR

Fultondale - Old Walkers Chapel Cemetery - Reports of something grabbing the feet of witnesses and attempting to pull them in the grave, sometimes pulling the shoes off their feet. Gadsden - Coosa River - In the 's, several well-known citizens of Gadsden reported seeing a sea serpent while they were fishing in the Coosa River. Gadsden - Crestwood Cemetery - This location was formerly a plantation with a brutal history. Witnesses have caught glimpses of a slave hanging when visiting their family's graves.

They reported they could also see the men responsible for hanging him and their dogs. Weird things happen in the sixth grade basement. Ghost investigators have taken pictures of orbs on the road. Gadsden - Linen Service - Late at night or early in the morning, you can hear people talking and doors shutting from about midnight until about AM.

Gadsden - Mount Pisgah Cemetery - Two local ghost hunters have made pictures of orbs and numerous light strands during a recent investigation at this old cemetery. Gadsden - Mountain View Hospital - At night you can hear banging and see black shadows.

You can also see people in the backyard of the hospital at night, but no one is there. There have also been odd things seen by some of the patients and staff. There was a couple that had a farmhouse near Gadsden. The couple got into a heated argument, in which the woman finally ran away with her baby. Feeling sorry for his family, the man of the house got on his carriage and searched for his wife. Hiding near the bridge, the woman appeared out of the bushes and scared the horses.

The horses knocked both her and the baby into Black Creek, drowning both of them. Since then, a woman can be seen walking the banks of Black Creek, carriage wheels are heard, and a baby's cry is sometimes heard. Many people have had different experiences, and one of the houses near the bridge was reported to have had an exorcism performed.

Gallant - Children's Cemetery - Ghost children come out to play sometimes. Gardendale - Hodges Cemetery - Things bang on your car, faces and hands can be seen on your car windows, a wolf chases you, a light moves, red glowing eyes can be seen, tombstones move around, strange sounds, noises and music are heard, and shadowed creatures are seen. Gardendale - Moncrief Cemetery - Weird screams coming from the coffins along the north side. Ghostly apparitions have been seen walking in the mortuary at AM sharp.

Also, cars die when turned off. Her name is Melissa, and is thought to have lived on the land before the house was built. She roams around a lot in the yard by a catfish pond that is in the front of the house. Some believe she lost a loved one in that pond. The ghost of Melissa will try to befriend anyone who has lived in the house that has children, and try to lure them to the pond at night.

It sits alone on about a half acre, but plenty of others are on its outskirts. This is where mainly unjustly accused black men were hung long ago. To this day, a fifty foot diameter is around the tree where nothing grows. Kids will play around it, but won't get on its limbs.

Geraldine - Old Powell House - The house was originally located on the opposite side of the road, but was moved in the 70's. The family who built the house would lock their children upstairs in the attic during the day. The children could be heard screaming for help. When the house was moved, pictures began to break, tables moved at random, and voices could be heard. It is said that the children haunt the house, as well as the parents. Glenco - Hanging Wedding Dress - The story states that a couple were engaged to be married.

The night before the wedding, the man was out having a party with all his buddies at a local bar. The woman's family tradition was to hang the wedding dress in a window the night before the wedding, to let people know they were getting married. The house burnt down that night and killed the woman. You can drive by at night and still see the wedding dress hanging in the top window, but it is gone during the day. The house is on the left side of the road right before the street you turn on to go to Green Valley Speedway which is on the right side of the road.

Cross the railroad tracks and follow that road for about a mile. The house will be standing on the left side of the road. Pull onto the road in front of the house and look in the top left window. Grant - Alabama State - Becker Hall - Deceased basketball players still meet for a late night game, with fans there to cheer them on.

Greenville - Cry Baby Creek - People say that years before, a woman and her baby were in a car accident and the baby landed in the ditch. It's said that you can hear the baby crying around midnight and the mother calling out for her baby. Gulf Shores - Fort Morgan - You get the feeling all the time that you are being watched, and you see shadows crossing the fort walls at night. Guntersville - Bishop's Graveyard - A witness claims to have gotten photographic anomalies, like mists and orbs.

Guntersville - Whole Backstage Theater - This theater is haunted by two known ghosts. One is of an older man that has been known to set stage mattresses on fire and slam doors. The other spirit is of a little boy who can be heard laughing. Haine's Island - Nancy Mountain - Nancy walks up and down the hill to the ferry in hopes to meet her son and husband that were in the war. She is seen walking with a lantern in one hand and a bucket of water in the other.

Hartford - Pondtown Creek - At the bottom of the hill, there sits a small wooden bridge over a creek that flows into the woods on the other side. Off to the side is an old wrecked car with scratch marks covering the driver's side door. Legend has it that a hateful man on that very same road, killed a massive German Shepard. The dog now white and ghostly supposedly haunts the road, looking for the man who took his life.

They say on moonless nights, you can pull up to the bridge, shut your car down, and turn off all the lights. You'll hear and sometimes see this frightful apparition. Hartselle - Cry Baby Holler - People claim that a woman was driving over this narrow bridge and wrecked her car. She lived, but the baby in her car died. Now, when you drive over that bridge at night, stop and sit there until you hear a baby crying.

Leave candy on the bridge. Come back a couple of minutes later, and a piece of the candy is gone. On stormy nights, you can hear men screaming. There is a family plot where her father, the first settler of DeKalb County, is buried. Teenagers have destroyed the cemetery. Hueytown - Lilly Lane - Residents of the entire street have reported seeing an old man walking up and down the street late at night. He always wears jeans and a white shirt. He has even been seen in some people's houses. He has been spotted in the neighborhood for many years, and believed to be a protector spirit.

She has been sited walking the grounds. Some say she is responsible for toppling her headstone on occasion. Sally still haunts the Carter Mansion. She throws pillows and moves the furniture around. The house is now in a gated community. Unless you have an appointment, you will have trouble getting in. No trespassing! Huntsville - Dead Children's Playground Next to Maple Hill Cemetery -The ghosts of children often are seen swinging on swing sets or sometimes the swings move by themselves, as if someone were on them.

The children are seen very late at night, or early the next day from around PM to AM, too late for children to be out. If you sit in front of the gates for a little while, a car will come down the mountain and chase you until you get to the bottom.

When you do, the car will suddenly vanish His now deceased brethren Robert Ekisbus and Adam Cooper follow him around making noises that almost sounds like the word, "cheese". Huntsville - Huntsville High School - People have claimed to hear footsteps and laughing of teenagers through the halls at night after late softball or basketball practices.

Huntsville - Kent Robertson Park - A young boy died there one summer day. They named the park after him and made a memory stone. He still is heard in the park at night and the hunt club -woods behind it.

Huntsville - Maple Hill Cemetery - An old lady passed away and was put in the family burial house. Her family placed her antique rocking chair in the crypt with her, because it was a prized possession to her. Most anytime when you stand outside the burial house, you can hear the rocking chair moving back and forth.

It is haunted by a man who died while cleaning the smoke stacks shortly after the mill was built. People have reported seeing him wandering around the ruins. Huntsville - Space Camp - Space camp counselors tell the story about a man who was working on the sleeping quarters at the facility. One day, they were using explosives to make large holes in the ground for the below-ground quarters. The explosives went off early and the man was buried alive by dirt and rubble.

Until this day in the halls and in some rooms, they can still hear his cries for help echoing through the halls and large moans late at night. Jacksonville - Dump Road - Dump Road is an unofficial name given to a section of the old Chief Ladiga Indian trail, located at the foothills of the Appalachian mountains.

This trail was traveled on by early settlers in the 's. Originally, a paved section was completed going up the hill to the old road. It was supposed to be an expansion of the subdivision but was never completed in the 's. There are power poles set, but no lines. Since then, it is frequented by teens looking to park at night, camp, or for off-road vehicles. Many sightin gs during the day and night have included horses and wagons making their way along the old trail.

Some people have claimed to see what appeared to be a black slave hanging from a tree above a clay embankment on the road, which is now used illegally as a shooting range. In the late 's, a couple that lived in the neighborhood below hiked into the mountain and discovered what was later found to be an old slave house near where a plantation burned in the early 's. Some reports from campers have claimed that while sleeping at night, they suddenly felt a very heavy presence and were woken by blood curdling screams in the forest.

More reports suggest the sounds of screams and horses hurrying down the trail with an angry mob. Also reported are sightings of torches and lanterns bouncing around on the trail. It is believed that this is the event leading to the slave being hung. Residents in the neighborhood nearby have reported seeing a man walking up and down the street at ni ght, disappearing into the woods leading to the mountain.

Jacksonville - Jacksonville State University - Weatherly Hall - There have been reported instances of footsteps, message boards being torn off doors and flung down the hall, moving furniture in locked rooms, and something playing with people's clocks. Jasper - Mill Creek Bridge - The bridge collapsed when two men in an asphalt truck went over it. Their ghosts are supposed to haunt the new bridge.

Jasper - Samaria Church - There are railroads by the church and long ago a man lost his hand working on the railroad. At night, if you sit there in your car, he will tap on it with a hook. One person drove away when he heard the tapping, and when he stopped, there was a hook stuck in the car. It is said that he haunts the bridge and throws sticks and rocks at the trucks that pass the bridge, trying to get his revenge. Kinston - Grancer Harrison's Dance Hall - Sounds of music and dancing are heard in the abandoned dance hall of the late Grancer Harrison.

Lafayette - Hilltops Apartments - Over 15 years ago, many reporters and people found out that there were gravesites that used to be where Hilltops Apartments is now. At night, they say if you stay alone in your house for ten minutes and turn off everything in your house except for the lights, there will be a very cold chill over your body. It will not leave that night until you boil water and hold it to keep the ghost from coming towards you.

He walks up and down the bridge, still wearing his white Zoot suit, looking for a ride to Florence. If you stop to pick him up, he says something about his trumpet and disappears. What many people don't know is that the ruins of the mansion that burned down are still there. The columns of the old ruins are still standing. The hauntings occur in the slave cemetery and the family cemetery as well. There have been many people that have claimed to see the ghost of a tall, stately woman in the family cemetery.

The cemetery is surrounded by a ten foot high wall. If you kiss the symbol on the top of the tallest burial marker, the lady is said to appear. In the slave cemetery, low African Spiritual singing and sounds of mourning can be heard at around midnight in the cemetery. Linden - Sally's Lane - A young woman who was beheaded on a road while riding in her wagon in the s still haunts the area.

The family, who owns a hunting camp next to the lane where she was killed, has experienced unexplained events. Green lights that have been linked to spiritual hauntings, seeing young children play in period clothes and disappearing, and being slapped in the middle of sleeping have all occurred without a single explanation.

Lincoln - Old Downtown - Downtown at night near the old gas station at the bar, a man haunts it. People say that in the middle of a fight, the man was killed when he was struck by a train. The person accused of pushing the man in front of the train also haunts the land in search of a battle he could not win. In , he was murdered at his home. Now it seems as though he's still at the service station, because at times you can hear voices and screams at night.

The service station is up for sale, yet no one will buy it to this day. Late at night if you go out there, you can see the Indian dancing around his grave and the oak tree that sprouts from his gravesite. Livingston - Covered Bridge - A figure can be seen standing in the windows, as well as strangeness related to cold feelings and a black and white cat.

She was run over and killed by an wheeler. Her ghost now jumps onto the side of wheelers looking for the driver that ran her over. In her memory, her family made a rocking chair. People say that if you stand outside you can hear the rocker creaking back and forth. Madison - Shelton Road Park - at the end of Shelton park late at night you can hear noises of kids first screaming like a having fun laughing type but then at the end it turns into kids screaming for there lives.

Marbury - Marbury High School - Football Field - A cheerleader was killed after falling off the goal post during pictures for homecoming. On homecoming night, it is said that if you stand on the fifty-yard line after a game and call her name, she will appear and start walking towards you. Marion - Judson College - People get feelings of being touched, and there are rumors of marks being left on the victims.

Marion - Judson College - Building J - A female apparition can be seen along with movement from the windows. The sounds of scattering feet and whispering are heard. The bell tower is locked. One is Anne Kirtley herself, and the other is a girl who supposedly killed herself in that room.

The doors and windows shake, there are cold spots and more often than not, the entire room is a "cold spot". Marion - Marion Military Institute - Built in the early 's, Marion Military Institute was used for other purposes besides schooling. During the civil war, battle victims were taken to the Chapel on campus, which was turned into a hospice. The ones that didn't survive were buried directly behind the chapel. Since then, cadets have had experiences with objects in their room being moved, unusual noises in the hallways and rooms, and experiences with paranormal activity.

Some believe that the spirits that live on campus, due to their extreme mood changes, possess some of the cadets. There have been no cases of violent ghosts or apparitions, but there have been several reports made about cadets having been alone and then having a sudden rush of a presence being in the room. Day or night there is a constant fog that covers the ground that surrounds the gravestones.

Mentone - Desoto Falls - Story goes that a lady named Nancy Dollar lived near the falls in a little old house that can still be found today. After her death, thieves broke into her home, killed her faithful dog and stole all of her money, which she had been saving to buy her own tombstone.

Dollar was buried without any kind of marker, and shortly thereafter the apparition of an old lady was seen walking near the falls. So many sightings were reported that a collection was taken up to pay for her tombstone. After the marker was erected, the sightings decreased, but it's said that you can still see a phantom black dog running around her cabin.

On certain nights you may see balls of light come from the cemetery and go across the highway. They have been known to follow people. Mobile - Boyington Oak - In an old cemetery behind the main branch of the Mobile library, is an oak tree that grew out of the grave of a man named Boyington. He was a black man wrongly accused and executed. His last words were that an oak tree would grow from his grave to prove his innocence. Some say that they hear strange noises coming from around the tree.

Mobile - Mobile Christian School - Students and coaches have heard people playing basketball in the gym. Games from the football field being announced when no game is taking place. Mobile - Oak Next to Public Library - Within close range of the huge oak tree, crying and whispering can be heard. Mobile - Seven Hills Cemetery - The apparition of a woman can be seen hanging on a cross. The ghost of a seaman in a captain's coat haunts the fly loft.

The "Mighty A" saw plenty of action against the Japanese in the south Pacific and is credited with shooting down 23 Japanese aircraft. Somehow, the Alabama and her crew managed to make it out of WWII without casualties or damage from enemy fire. The only deaths on board the ship were 8 people in a 5" gun mount mount 5 that were killed by friendly fire from another gun turret mount 9 on the ship. A safety feature that prevented the turrets from firing if they were pointed at another turret or part of the ship failed.

Mount 9 fired a round into mount 5 which exploded and killed everyone inside. All that remained of the gun commander was his boots. There we re little fragments of bone and flesh plastered on the walls inside the turret where the men were vaporized by the exploding shell. There were also two other deaths while the ship was under construction at Norfolk Naval Shipyard. A former worker reports that they had to stay on the ship overnight alone quite a bit, so they got their share of scares.

Their first encounter was in the Marine Compartment where the Marines slept. Footsteps were heard approaching from around the corner when there was nobody on board. All around the ship, strange footsteps and voices were heard. Heavy solid steel watertight hatches on the superstructure would slam shut with a loud thud for reasons that could not be explained.

Late at night when the whole ship was very quiet, the bulkheads would seemingly come alive with popping and tapping, and at times it was concentrated in one area. Needless to say, the Mighty A was very much alive. The principle at the Negro school was called Mr. He had a great life. He was very sweet and was known as someone who always checked on things.

Time began to get tough on Mr. Prentice because of segregation. So he hung himself in the girls' locker room. He still haunts that room. You know he's there if you hear a little chuckle! A young girl recently saw him in She claimed that someone was walking out of a wall! Sometimes doors open by themselves where his office was! The students claim he's just checking on things. Montevallo - University of Montevallo - Has several haunts. It is said to have a tunnel running under the entire campus.

They were used in the civil war, and are now used as steam chassis. The theatre department in Reynolds was a civil war hospital. There was a massacre and many of the rooms were stacked with bodies. On the forth floor of Main, one of the girls dorms a girl burned to death while trying to cook fudge on a Bunsen burner.

They have replaced the door several times, but her image is burned in the door every time the door is replaced. There are also a lot of odd occurrences as well as several ghosts that frequent the campus of Montevallo. Also experienced a book falling to the floor and opening to a page referring to the haunting of this particular place. Montevallo - University of Montevallo - Main Hall - Early in the 20th century, a student was cooking fudge, but she knocked over a bottle of alcohol that she and her roommate were using.

The alcohol spilled on her nightgown, which got caught in the flame. Her roommate tried to use a rug to put out the fire, but it fell off of her as she ran out into the hallway and burned to death. You can still see her in the halls in a flaming nightgown. She was 16 years old. She always wears all red. After committing suicide, she has appeared to several people. He shot himself on the green and he still walks the green at night. You can't see him, but you can feel him.

He will tug at your clothes or blow in your ear or mess with your hair. Montgomery - Maxwell Air Force Base - Student Dorms - Officer School attendees often report an eerie presence in building , which was built closest to the river of all the dorm facilities. Often, young lieutenants will wake up to a bed soaked through with water.

Some will continue to scream even if prompted to wake up. A burnt electrical smell also pervades the 2nd floor on occasion, as well as haywire electrical appliances. The spirits are attributed to Confederate soldiers who drowned in the Alabama River while trying to cross into the city of Montgomery. The ghosts also show a predilection for students who are from northern or western states states which are not known for their southern accent.

Montgomery - The State Capitol Building -The architect of Capitol and Custodian reported seeing the ghost of a Confederate woman roaming the halls on the second floor offices. There have also been reports of water faucets turning on by themselves in the Governor's reception area restroom. Montgomery - Tallapoosa Entertainment Center - Located just on the banks of the Tallapoosa River and owned by the Poarch Band of Creek Indians, this casino is in close proximity to some very old burial mounds.

Employees have reported feelings of not being alone, as well as voices whispering in their ear when no one is standing next to them. Other odd occurrences include machines seemingly playing by themselves, screens on the machines changing displays without being touched, ice jumping out of drinks by itself, and doors opening and closing by themselves. Maintenance people on the premises even reported seeing a ghost on the far side of the parking lot when the now complete main building was still under construction.

Make sure you are cleared with the Poarch Band of Creek Indians and the Tribal Police Department before walking around in re stricted areas on the premises! Moulton - Auto Zone Off - The land which the new store is built on was a cemetery. Moundsville - Moundsville State Park - The state park is a site where there are Indian mounds, from which the town gets its name. On occasion, a drum has been heard coming from within the park, and lights are seen on top of one of the larger mounds that resembles a Central American pyramid.

Mount Hope - Henry Hill Gravity Hill - If you park your car in the hole, put it in neutral and turn it off, the ghost of Henry will push you to the top, in hopes that the same thing will not happen to you. Moundville - The Whatley House - The home was built on an old slave quarters.

It is said to have a cemetery under the house. The biggest complaints are of noises and things being moved around. Also, drive around the church three times, park in front facing the church, turn off your lights and the window blinds will rise up by themselves. Munford - Chehae - The Hotel - In the 's, a hotel was built on the mountain during the war.

The Yankees used the motel to hold rebel soldiers. The hotel was only used for a few weeks before the war was over. All the prisoners were killed and half the hotel burned down. If you go down the road at night, you can see an orange glow and hear the screams of soldiers.

When you go there, put your car in neutral and sit there and your car will be pulled. Loud screams of a woman who was murdered there can be heard. Munford - Cemetery Mt. It gets its name from all the cemeteries that are on it. Some of them date back to the late 's and early 's. An old man lived alone with is dog on Cemetery Mt. It is said that other hunters thought the dog was a deer, and killed the dog. The old man never found his dog.

Some time later, some hunters heard a shot, and came upon a black lab dog that was still alive. They stood up, looked around and saw this old man. The old man asked them if they had seen his dog. The hunters said yes and turned to point, but the dog was gone. They turned back around and the old man was gone too!

Other happenings are, red eyes can be seen about one foot off of the ground. People think they are imps or goblins. Also, there is an old church in the woods w ith a book on the podium. You can pick it up, but it starts to get heavier as you try to walk out the door with it. Before you get to the door, the book gets so heavy, you can't carry it out.

Satanic rituals are rumored to have been held there. Hill, haunts the school. She died outside the school by being struck by lightning. Some think she stays there to guard the school from any harm. Munford - The Foundry - Haunted by the ghosts of children who were killed on the land in which it was built. Nauvoo - Highway 5 - A woman was hit by a truck and killed. Now her ghost is said to jump on top of trucks to see if the trucker is the one that killed her.

Newton - Choctawhatchee Bridge - At a hanging gone wrong, a hole was scratched out beneath the feet of the victim who was too tall for the rope that was used. A witness to the hanging dug the hole with a crutch, under the dangling victim.

To this day, you can fill the hole and the ghost will come and dig it out. He was later found by members of the community and hanged for desertion. He was a tall man, so they had to dig out a hole so his feet would not touch the ground. To this day, no debris of any sort will remain inside the hole.

People have filled up the hole, only to find it completely cleaned out upon their return. Northport - Brownville - Brownville was a town back in the 20s. Not much remains there anymore except for the old church house. It is said that on some nights, you can hear children laughing that were in an old nursery that used to be in the church. Northport - Old Bryce Hospital - Writings on the walls, strange noises, and cold spots are some of the phenomena that occur in this old mental institution.

Throughout the entire building 3 floors and a basement there are writings on the walls, and lots of graffiti. It was recently burned on the first and second floors, but not severe. Reports of telephones ringing, furniture being moved, footsteps heard in the hallways, and cold and hot spots throughout.

You just get an odd an eerie feeling in the building. There is no need for any high tech equipment here. You can feel everything you need to know. Patrolled on Halloween and sometimes during the week. You could be caught for trespassing. Northport - The Northport Ghost - Just off Highway 43 outside Northport, the ghosts of two Confederate widows have been known to approach passing cars, thinking they were the wagon carrying their husbands back after the Civil War.

Unfortunately, they are rarely seen nowadays because the road has been paved, the area has been developed, and it is not as rural anymore. Many of you may know the story of the Tuskegee Air Men, and that many lives were lost while training. At night, the faint sound of an explosion can be heard. Also, certain parts of the now abandoned airfield are haunted with the screams of the pilots, and voices can be heard as well.

An exclusive hunting club now owns the property. Signs are posted that read, "Anyone found here at night will be found here in the morning. The devil worshipers feared that the law would find their secret burial ground so they burned the house down, but still used the forest. To this day, if you go out in the forest at night on a full moon, beware of them. They cursed the area and made it haunted. Late at night, you can go there and see ghostly figures in the woods, and hear sounds and voices.

Notasulga - Notasulga Volunteer Fire Department - Now the site of a new larger station, for years the fire and police station sat side-by-side here. But in , a young man driving home from a late night party fell asleep at the wheel. When he rounded the curb, he crashed into the fire and police stations, sending the two up in flames. Today, strange noises can be heard, footsteps up stairs, and even someone at the front door has been seen, but when approached he disappears.

Opelika - Double Hill Road - There is an old cemetery that was said to have been moved years ago. It was just a few feet after you cross the first bridge. If you look on the right after you cross the bridge, there is a bright green spot of grass where the cemetery used to be. Also, walk down the road late at night and cross the bridge. After a few minutes, a horseman in a carriage will start coming toward you, and then run off the road where the old cemetery was.

Then, when you go back in the morning there will be carriage tracks where he ran off the road. Opelika - Springvilla Plantation - Witnesses reported sounds of moans and chains rattling. You hear chanting and noises, which you cannot find the origin of. Things can be thrown at you that you will never see, nor will the object ever hit the ground.

You hear footsteps chasing you if you run, but there's no one ever there. Inside the mansion, behind the gates it is unnaturally cold. You can hear whispering and screaming from inside the mansion, but no one is there.

Palmerdale - Kindergarten - A strange man believed to be the groundskeeper of the first built school can be seen in the front window. He can also be seen walking the halls. He will then appear in the window. Also, the feeling of being chased is felt. She'll knock things off the shelves, slam oven doors open and then slam them closed. You could be really hot and then all of a sudden, your freezing. Also, the night crew will turn off all the grills, and in the morning they're all back on.

There are constant strange whispers over the drive thru speakers and in the bathrooms. It is a true story. Not one person who works or has worked there can tell you that one day has passed without something totally creepy occurring! Next to the graveyard, which butted to the school, cold spots during the summer and hot spots during the winter can be felt to observers.

Also, several people reported seeing children attending class in 's attire during the late 's. Sometimes the school bell will ring during the middle of the night, but the old abandoned building has no power. Phenix City - Shotwell Covered Bridge - A woman and her two children were in a car wreck when the bridge they were crossing over gave way, and the car fell into the ravine.

The wreck killed all three. It is said that if you put candy on the side of the bridge at dusk and turn your headlights on, you can see the children get the candy off of the bridge. The house is the site of a vicious murder, where a father went insane and mutilated his wife and his three children, and committed suicide shortly after.

Witnesses say that the entire family haunts the house. There have also been numerous accounts of people being choked when they walk into this house. Knocking can be heard on the walls and the floors, and the sounds of a bird will come through the bay window that turns into the sound of loud screams of a young girl. Pinson - Pinson United Methodist Church - At night, in the cemetery behind the church, an apparition of a woman can be seen sweeping the graves with a broom.

Prattville - Bear Creek Swamp - In addition to the lights seen by cars, there have been apparitions of Civil War soldiers seen by a few people who lived near the swamp. The people also heard noises and there are an unusual amount of snakes and lizards around the house. Prattville - Gurney's Manufacturing - It's the location where a little boy fell down an elevator shaft and didn't survive.

It's said that his mother looks for him. It was a historic building and a lot of people in Prattville had ties to it. Prattville - Main Street - It is said that if you cross the street by the Gurney building, you can see shadows going across the street.

But due to recent news, the gurney building has been burnt down, though you can still see the shadows. He killed himself in the early 's. The ghost flirts with women mostly by blowing in their ears and touching their backs. Prattville - The Swamp - Near Prattville, north of Montgomery, in which there are lights that move around. The lights will approach one's car if immobile. Red Level - City Limits - Oakey Streak - Late at night, if you go there between the hours of 1AM and 3AM, stand at the gate of the cemetery and ask questions, you will hear someone running towards you and answer you.

Then they will tell you to get out. If you don't leave, you will hear a woman scream bloody murder until you do leave. There is also a white building at the entrance of the cemetery. If you drive in, turn off your car and leave the headlights on, you will see a ghostly figure walk out from behind the building into the graveyard. If you sit inside of the gates you can hear Confederate soldiers marching.

There is an outhouse in the back of the church, and if you go inside by yourself, the door will shut behind you and lock. You can only get out if someone comes and lets you out. There have also been tales of possession. When you are leaving, there is a tale that says that a little boy will appear, playing with a ball. If he rolls it to you and you pick it up and give it back, you are going to die. Also, while you are driving back out the driveway, there is a little girl that is skipping down the road.

Your car will not go past her. If you try to go past her, your car will stop and you have to wait for her to get ahead of you to go. Also, if you overstay your welcome, there is a 's model black ford truck that will come speeding down the road, and i f it catches you, then you will get into a car wreck with no survivors. There have also been sightings of hellhounds around that cemetery. Rehobeth - Old Rehobeth High School - If you ride by the front of the school at midnight, you will always see a janitor ghost that died there while cleaning bathrooms.

He waves at you when you drive by. Turn to the right, as if you were going to Point A. Go to the boat ramp and look to the left. There is a road that goes beside a field. Walk down the road. The road goes to the prison. Walk down the road late at night and sing the gospel song, "I'll Fly Away" loud.

You supposedly can see three black guys hanging from a tree in front of the prison. If you walk to the back of the prison, where you can look out over the water, you can see something dragging something else underneath. It is falling apart though, so if you go, be careful. Rockford - Old Jail - A man who committed suicide in this old brick building is said to walk its halls.

Saraland - Kali Oka Road Plantation - Story has it that an old lady lived in the old home with her seven foot tall black bodyguard and housekeeper. There are reports of seeing the guard standing by the front porch, as if he was still guarding her.

Saraland - Oak Grove Road — a. The story of Crybaby bridge is a woman killed her young child by drowning it in the creek below. It is said that you can hear the sound of a baby crying late at night. Seale - A Church - In slavery times, whites went to church here. The story is that someone was hung behind the church, but no one knows for sure. It is said that the church lights up in the middle of the night and deep monstrous voices could be heard.

On the same street, there is said to be a man ghost , maybe in his lower 30s, who walks the street in the middle of the night and will try to run you off the road. The church is near a cemetery. Selma - Morgan Church - If you cross the church's gate, you feel a strange presence that falls over you. The chapter has received numerous national honors and awards, including several national council… Alpha Delta Chi Alabama Panhellenic Association Alpha Delta Chi is the National Christian Sorority that provides a place for women to grow spiritually, scholastically, and socially.

Our chapter is committed to sisterhood, values, ethics, high academic standards and social responsibility. We develop leadership for the future of the American Jewish community. Louis, Missouri. Today, it operates approximately 45 active chapters and colonies and has approximately 25, initiated members. Alpha Kappa Lambda was founded on April 22, by a group of young men attending the University of… Alpha Omega Epsilon United Greek Council Alpha Omega Epsilon promotes ideals and objectives to help further the advancement of female engineers and technical scientists, while at the same time encouraging bonds of lifelong friendships among members.

Founded at Yale in , it is the 10th oldest fraternity in the United States. The fraternity practices many traditions. The fraternity has around active and inactive chapters and colonies in the United States and has initiated more than , members. The fraternity currently consists of active chapters and 19 colonies in the United States and Canada. More than , members have been initiated worldwide and there are currently around 9, undergraduate… Beta Upsilon Chi United Greek Council Beta Upsilon Chi was formed at The University of Texas at Austin in the spring of by a handful of Christian men who desired an alternative to the present fraternal lifestyle.

Founded at the University of Arkansas in , every Chi Omega chapter is guided by six purposes: friendship, high standards of personnel, scholarship, participation in campus activities, career development, and community service. The earliest of these organizations was formed at Princeton in Delta Kappa Epsilon was founded at Yale College in by 15 men of the sophomore class disaffected by the existing houses on campus.

Originally founded in at the City College of New York, we have partnered with more than campuses to support more than , members throughout our history. We are dedicated to helping students learn inside and outside the classroom, developing campus and professional connections… Delta Sigma Theta National Pan-Hellenic Council Lambda Zeta History On, March 23, , the University of Alabama witnessed the birth of the first black sorority on its campus.

It currently has around student chapters nationwide, as well as more than 27 regional alumni groups. Its national philanthropic partner is the diabetes research organization JDRF. Dodge, Frances E. Haven, E. Adeline Curtis, and Mary A. Bingham at Syracuse University in New York. As of , the Kappa Alpha Order lists active chapters, 7 provisional chapters, and 33 suspended chapters. Many leaders of the national organization—including… Kappa Kappa Gamma Alabama Panhellenic Association Kappa Kappa Gamma offers a member experience ranging from friendship to mentoring, from leadership to service and from campus activities to a lifetime of community involvement.

Kappa Sigma is one of the largest international fraternities with currently active chapters and colonies in North America. Lambda Chi Alpha was founded by Warren A. Cole, while he was a student at Boston University. The Founders, Honorable A. Langston Taylor, Honorable Leonard F. Morse, and Honorable Charles I. Brown, wanted to organize a Greek letter fraternity that would truly exemplify the ideals of brotherhood, scholarship, and service. It was founded at Jefferson College, Pennsylvania, in There are over chapters and colonies at accredited four year colleges and universities throughout the United States.

More than , men have been initiated into Phi Kappa Psi since its founding. Phi Kappa Sigma was founded by Dr.

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A space between a rock and a hard place 5sos 2022 All around the ship, strange footsteps and voices were heard. When selecting a costume, make sure it is the right size to prevent trips and falls. It took hours and half a bottle of vodka to finally get the story. The fraternity was founded in The earliest of these organizations was formed at Princeton in It is said to have a tunnel running under the entire campus. Put a small amount on the arm of the person who will be wearing it.
Investing buffer ic chip Empire - Little Vine Grave Yard - A small, greenish light in the graveyard can be seen when you pass by it. If you go there at night, you can hear strange sounds and see balls of light. He has been spotted in the neighborhood for many years, and believed to be a protector spirit. Robert Jemison Van de Graff, Jr. Still, we had plenty of opportunities to display our snobbery and anti-Semitism.
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Gamma phi beta alabama haunted places A tall black places is seen in one of the barns, with red lit eyes. Our Sailing Trips invite you to spend a week experiencing the best of the sea and land in the Caribbean and see more Mediterranean. I've heard of tree frogs but never tree ghosts. His Family moved to Butler Alabama haunted, Ala. Boulder - Court House - It's been rumored that ghosts have been sighted walking around the courthouse grounds at night. Anniston - The Victoria - The Victoria was once a beautiful mansion. He was a tall man, so they had to dig out a hole so his feet would not touch the ground.
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