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The world would be a better place if there was no religion lyrics

the world would be a better place if there was no religion lyrics

“If you can imagine a world at peace, with no denominations of religion then it can be true,” said Gregory. Not released as a single in the. The best-selling single of his solo career, the lyrics encourage listeners to imagine a world of peace, without materialism, without borders separating nations. Paul Handley: Face to faith: By changing the lyrics of Imagine, The danger comes when people invest more meaning in objects, concepts. SAIDA DE MAURO BETTING DA BANDEIRANTES DO BRASIL

Contrary to Nietzsche and his fellow philosophical bomb-throwers, God is not dead, and thus, a better way forward is to acknowledge and respect religion, in all its forms. Which is to say, replace contempt for religion with a full-throated embrace of religious freedom. The Need for Religion in the Public Square Os Guinness is an author and social critic who has given considerable thought to the benefits and necessities of religious freedom. The first may be understandable, but the second is inexcusable.

Another chilling trend is the growing use of technology — such as surveillance cameras, facial recognition, and biometric data — used by governments to monitor and restrict religious actors. Hostile governments target Christian and Muslim faith traditions most often and in more countries in part because they represent the largest and most widely dispersed religious groups.

But no religious community, including groups who identify as religiously unaffiliated, is immune to harassment. What do these trends mean in practical terms? In Pakistan, courts continue to enforce blasphemy laws, which carry the death penalty. Police have failed to protect religious minorities, including Ahmadi, Shia and Sunni Muslims, Hindus, and Christians, from violent mobs. Attacks on Ahmadi mosques have gone unpunished by local authorities, and an objectionable tweet or Facebook post can land violators in prison.

In one example, criminals shot and killed eight Christians, then burned down a church and several homes. Mob violence and mass murders are all too common, and many cases have been reported of Muslim men kidnapping young Christian girls and forcing them into marriage and conversion to Islam. Societal hostility toward Jews often manifests in acts of vandalism directed at Jewish places of worship and cemeteries.

In its annual report for , the U. Among other things, these countries have been found to be engaged in torture or cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment; prolonged or clandestine detention; abduction; and other flagrant denials of the right to life, liberty, or the security of person. Since that time, America has been at the forefront of international religious freedom, living our values — albeit imperfectly — on a global stage.

Nearly years into this American experiment, some are concerned that cracks may be forming in this most fundamental tenet. How do we rediscover a sense of fortitude to address what he calls, soul freedom — freedom of thought and conscience, which includes religion and ideology. Surely the effort is worthy. History has shown that preserving the integrity of religious freedom as a core value leads to our deepest source of human meaning, belonging and flourishing. Religious Freedom Codified in U.

Foreign Policy Thomas Farr is a pioneer in international religious freedom, serving first in the U. Today, he leads the Religious Freedom Institute, a D. As such, he contends it is foundational to an effective foreign policy. Without it, especially in the non-Western world where the practice of religion is widespread and growing, stable self-government is simply impossible. And without the spread of stable and durable democracy, how can we hope to live in a world in which governments respect the rule of law, their own citizens, and other nations?

The position of Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom was created and intensive training for foreign service officers was ordered. As well, the independent, bipartisan U. The IRF Act requires that the State Department report to Congress each year, providing the status of religious freedom in countries around the world and U. On the other hand, when governments deny this right, it ignites tension, it sows division, it often leads to instability and conflict.

It highlights ways in which governments have sought to restrict religious belief, practice and expression for people across a wide range of faith and belief traditions. I mean, everyone loves possesions, and if you wrote the song which, not to be rude, but I doubt you or anybody but John could have wrote it you probably wouldn't give up nice things like cars for it.

But I think people are getting way too worked up about what this song is all about. It's just a song about peace and love, which John greatly supported. Many things I've read about John and the Beatles say that John thought it was strange people tried to read so much into waht his lyrics meant.

In fact, that's why he wrote "I Am The Walrus" during his days with the Beatles - a kid sent him a letter asking what one of his songs meant for a school project, so John wrote "I Am The Walrus", which meant absolutely nothing, to annoy people that tried to figure out what it meant. It's just a song, and as my grandfather says "I don't think they [the Beatles] were trying to do anything but sell albums. Just listen to the song an enjoy it, don't get all worked up about what it really means!

It's just a song! Give Peace A Chance! Linda from London, AlI absolutely love this song! It is so beautiful. Didn't Blake I don't know his last name sing this on an episode of American Idol? It nearly made me cry when I read the fact that George Michael bought the piano John Lennon wrote this on and then gave it to the Beatles museum in Liverpool.

Not that many people would probably give something so valuable away. That was so nice of him! Jonn from Liverpool, Englanda truly awe-inspiring and beautiful song. The lyrics are so empassioned and moving. Some day people might see what he tried to say and realise that, that is how the world should be; an oasis of peace and love. Pougff from Manchester, MsThis song is so beautiful. Jay from Atlanta, Ga"He who works his land will have abundant food, but the one who chases fantasies will have his fill of poverty.

However Hebrews says "Let us not give up meeting together". Erika from , CaI was just doing some research on this song for a reflective essay I am writing for my english class because I think it embodies critical thinking. I have to analyze the social, historical, and political context of the song and all these comments really helped. If anyone has anymore useful information I would appreciate it. Also I think this is a good song and there is nothing wrong with imagining or wishing the world could be a better place.

Would God not hear our prayers just because we don't belong to a religion? So, while you're "imagining" the world will be passing you by. Krissy from Boston, MaJohn, people hate Yoko becuase they think she is y they broke up. Even though it's a big arguement still y they broke up.

A lot of people blame Yoko. Because it's theye asy thing to do. But if u read books and interviews there a plenty of reasons y. But nobody will listen. I must say I am not crazy about Yoko either. Jay from Atlanta, GaGabrielle, explain that last comment in detail. What exactly are the similarities? Jay from Atlanta, GaThis song is communist propaganda. Lennon didn't even believe the words himselg. Wake up! Krissy from Boston, MaI love this song.

I am a teen and I understood what he trying to say. He just wanted people to live in peace and love each other. John will always be remeber and he will always be with us. I am a big Beatles fan and I think John was a great song writer but think of it. Was John a great musician? Was John an intellegent man? Should John be warshiped and idolized? No, because John although he talked of peace and love, started many fights including the time he kicked his friend Stuart Sutcliffe in the head which may have lead to Stuart's fatal brain haemorrhage, beat and cheated on his wife Cynthia, ignored his son Julian, eventually left Cynthia and didn't care about her feelings or Julian's, claimed to be bigger than Jesus, and supported drug use.

Remember Lennon was a great songwritter, but that he shouldn't be warshiped or idolized. Kristian Roberts from Swansea, WalesJohn Lennon was a good man who taught this world alot of things and he will live forever Wuss from Perth, AustraliaThis song was written about imagining the world without discrimination.

He describes in each verse what the world would be like without things like heaven, hell, countries, religion, possessions and rich or poor. He does this to express his opinion of a perfect world or utopia, in which all humans form one brotherhood of man. Lennon describes the people living in this perfect world do four things; these are the last line of each verse,? Lennon realises some peoples reactions to this song would be that it is?

You may say I? By saying this Lennon is expressing tho the reader that this idealistic view of the world is shared by many people, and the more people that believe this the closer it will come to being realistic. Heralded by peace activist around the globe for its captivating simplicity, the lyrics actually depict how perplexing human nature really is. Beauty and hostility interchanges in our history through the expressions of religious zeal, patriotism and the struggle to survive.

Properly expressed, beauty shine through. Overtly expressed, calamity erupts. Yet, just exactly how does the same roots produces such paradoxical fruits? What went wrong? The most fundamental reason probably lie in the fact that humans seems to possess ideals as a built in feature. We need to live for something, to strive for something, and to die having done something of worth in life.

The belief we have in our ideals will take us to the far end of strife and sacrifice, even when that would mean to die or to kill trying. And clearly, god, freedom, and survival, supply three of the most powerful ideals a man can aspire for in life. Everythings fine with ideals, until one forgets that most of the times, our understanding of them are anywhere but perfect. And things deteriorate rapidly when men understand them differently and willingly strife to enforce their understanding to others.

Yet, as theologists and philosopher have reasoned, it is impossible to attain perfect understanding of God, and to attain perfection in God during our mortal lives here on earth. Perfection is to aspire for, they say. And religions, have indeed shown the way, each to each people in each time and each place, and if we are wise enough, I believe, each to all people in all times and all places.

When one dwelves into the depths of Buddha, Lao Tze, Confucius, Moses, Jesus, Mohammed or Gandhi for recent example, it is simply unimaginable that they would meet and then mock and throw bombs at each other, let alone command their followers to nuke each other. Yet, precisely because the devoters forget that each religion teaches no enforcement on beliefs to others beyond their consent, wars and conflicts were precisely what happened here and there throughout history.

The unity in God simply can not produce divides. This is so apparent when one reads the sacred scriptures of the worlds religions. So I would say, religions are expressions, the diversity. While towards God and in God, essence and unity emerge.

Meaning, we should be humble in our imperfection, in our imperfect understanding of God, in our imperfect strife towards God, and learn from our mistakes and from each other. This should apply for any open minded atheist too, since they too are destined as imperfects, with their own ideal and their imperfect understanding of it, or more precisely, of religion and the Ultimate Reality. Freedom and prosperity for our people and our nation! How about the others? In schools and the media, teachers and politicians preach this line of thinking to innocent minds.

Peoples and nations has become so interdependent, that the sole prosperity and freedom of ours can no longer serve justice to all of us. And with recent development in the crisis the planet is experiencing, the freedom and prosperity of humanity can no longer violate the freedom and prosperity of other species and the earth itself. And thus we come to the culprit of our ignorance : war and economics. Wars served our egoes well in the past and present, while economic prosperity seems to serve our egoes better in the present.

On the other hand, economic progress, or to be more precise, economic growth, with so many inherent paradoxes entailing, becomes the unofficial religion of the world, carried ever forward with the fervor a staunch religious devotees would have by the professional work we carry out in society. While nukes can blow humanity out of existence in a single blow, economic growth sucks the life out of earth, and leaves us dying glimmering with money, and with pride of our material wealth.

And yet still, we compete, wage war, and kill directly with bombs or indirectly through wrongly accumulating and using money. We take for granted the statement that our nation and our people must remain competitive to survive and to thrive, forgetting that in a competition, some win, and some lose, and that we can no longer afford to survive and thrive alone. We strike and preempt, but forget to fix and to prevent. We compete and become professionals at that, but forget that in cooperation lies the harmony of life, in humanity and in the entire planet.

Life surely is worth more than killing and competing. Life seeks to prolong itself, the best way it can, or any way it can. It is very natural that each person, each family, each people, each nation wish to live on and prosper. We want enough food, enough clothes, a roof over our head, a comfortable spot to sleep on, a fulfilling and meaningful work, the warmth of relationship and time for leisure, art and spirituality.

Things used to be tolerable, until humanity multiplies unprecedently and compete mindlessly. First and foremost, to survive, next, to have, and if we made it through and manages to remember, to be. Yet reality wakes you up from your dream and bites you in your real life. Money is the blood of the economy, and the economy is the life of everyone. Thus, to survive, one must earn enough of it, in ways and jobs often far from the path to be.

Conditions seems to prescribe nations to follow that path, the path of economic growth. Our jobs often divides families and communities, and destroy nature, but more than anything, they destroy our soul. To have becomes our next goal after survival, and most of the times, they become our last. Thus, we become insensitive to the needs of others, humans or not, and ignorant to the needs of the planet.

Poverty and diseases persists despite the tremendous growth in the size of our economy. Garbage, waste and pollution, literally are the by-product our world economy excrete to the air, to the water, to the soil, and to other life on earth. We refuse to except the reality that if they deteriorate, humanity goes down the drain into the abyss.

Thus we end up with the chicken and egg kind of paradox. We survive they die. They die, we die. But we must survive, and they must survive. What to do. Meanwhile, hoping time will have mercy on us in getting the job done for our posterior to build upon. Competition and cooperation have their proper places. We just need to figure out where for each. Religions, nation states and the economy merely are tools. We should never become a tool of our tools. We should never mistake the means from the end.

The means should never and can never become the end. What will be your end? Your ideal? What should we have as our means? Imagination rule the world, as Napoleon and Einstein would agree. Nuff Said. Michael from Los Angeles, CaI don't understand while people are refuting the fact that this song is about a communist utopia. Josh from Cincinnati, OhThe song starts off on a C chord.. Most basic chord on a piano or guitar. I'm no piano player and I'm guessing the chord is a prevalent commonly used one, but the rhythm in which it's played is exactly the same to The Who's Getting In Tune.

I also believe both albums came out in the same year. So, did one of the artists steal the song from the other? Stephan from Pw, NyVery good :P on the other hand you did give a good argument for what you heard and for that I congratulate you Show me which line says anything about living in fear and I might believe you, all i've seen is a line mentioning living in peace Until then I think that you've been brainwashed by the capitalists.

And i'm not willing to engage in a battle of wits with someone who is so woefully unarmed. For now Comrade Sven signing out. Brandon from Peoria, IlI'm sorry, but your argument does not match the lyrics. It does, however, match what everyone else has said. This is simply my own interpretation, which I feel matches the lyrics exactly.

Like I said, the lyrics are symple, but so many others have engrained their ideas into your mind that it complicates things. I'll leave you with this: If this song was about a true Utopia, why would people be living life in fear? He says that with no country or religion we would live life in fear.

I don't know about you, but living life in fear isn't something I would want to do in a utopian society. Stephan from Pw, NyBrandon, this song refers to a perfect world, and in a perfect world Religion and Nationalism have no meaning so you would be wrong with your assumption, this song is how ever about a perfect world which is the only way "Pure Communism" would work, but the only argument I see is that made by the Capitalist pig-dogs, who refuse to believe that a legend such as John Lennon could possibly sing about a Communist Utopia.

I have been listening to the song for years and NEVER have I gotten the impression that he was downplaying religion and nationalism. Here's my opinion: The first verse he asks you to imagine "no heaven The second verse he says "imagine there's no country Country and religion keeps us from fear, which is why religions and civilizations were invented in the first place. The final verse he says "imagine no possessions It may deal with communism, but the overall view this verse takes is "we will have peace when we all can get along and learn to help our fellow man.

I don't understand what the big debate could be about. He isn't defaming religion OR nationalism, but rather accentuating the reasons that we need them in the first place. Kevin Murphy from Ridgewood, NjI can see where you would gather that opinion, Aylin, but when you think about it, good old universal love is like a glass of water There's no real depth to it; it's just a feeling we all have but sometimes choose not to embrace.

This song in my opinion, at least is beautiful because it's so simple, so accessable. It's like having a good cold glass of water: Not too much flavor, but somehow just right. I maintain what I believe though, and I believe this song is great Aylin from MontrealI could never perceive this song as "beautiful.

Without music, there can be no beauty in existence. Yet I hear nothing more than a saccharine tune, sounding as if it was written with the express purpose of becoming popular, becoming a hit. This, of course, makes sense, because Lennon was trying to convey a message that he believed to be important, and therefore the song was more about this message than about the music.

I think John Lennon was an incredibly brilliant songwriter and I completely respect his right to expression of opinions, but I cannot bring myself to share his vision. The world he describes seems to me a world without colour, without life -- without music. Somewhat like this shallow, empty song. Anyways, the song has more to do with utopian socialism then anything else. Anthony from Lodi, NjThere was also a billboard a few years ago and it said gone Under each of their pictures is the years of how long they lived.

The interpretation for it is so to the point that there is no way else to see it. It's clearly stated. Without this song, and john, i would not be looking forward to the future and time soon. Steve from Burkburnett, Txheh, I hear so many pessimistic remarks about this song. Maybe mankind wont get along until doomsday or whatever I mean seriously He just wants us to imagine the world without political boundries. He's not necessarily telling anyone to take action, although it could be implied, but its not direct.

I work with so many people who just dont ever dream anymore World War II, its called Ethnocentrism, countless wars were fought over religion over the past years, as man developed his hate against himself both as two seperate beings. This song seems to be based on imagination And also, please give us a list of the similarities of the religions of the world.

Factual statements only, please no opinions. Nathan from From The Country Of, CanadaNo war is fought over religiononly the ignorant say that as an excuse for politics and to let politicians be 12 year old kids with a temper tantrum. The religions of the world are so identical. Ive always that this song is the idealism of perfect impossibility, if all that John Lennon hopes for happened the world would be in harmony yet having 6. I remember seeing a cd, maybe the Best of Jone Baez, that contained her version of this song.

Buzz from HamiltonAnd Riley from SC I agree. Also what I must add is that at that point John was becoming in a certain way, aware of all this fighting and that was the strongest point of his peace activism. Catherine from Glasglow I have seen your comments elsewhere and most of them seem to be what I would say. So anyways no doubt this is a really nice song. Buzz from HamiltonHe may not have known what it was like to be poor, maybe, but he knew what it was like to not have peace and have fighting.

His childhood wasn't the greatest memory, etc. And although I do not usually stick up for Lennon in this way, I feel pity for him in this respect. I mean come on its just what he wanted. Sure, we all like our money and our possesions. Admit it. See the point of the song, then? Calling him hypocritical is hypocritical, etc. Just imagine.

So we can imagine a better relationship with our fellow humans. This song has a meaning and I am not going to hesitate to prove it. These things that set us apart are possesions and class. We can't live without them but if we could then there would be no stereotpes and prejudices. I'm not caucasian and I live in Canada, which makes me enjoy this song more. I think John lennons songs were good, and he was a very intelligent person if you should know what I mean.

If you have ever been cast out because of differences you will know what I mean. Well thats enough. Bye Jay from Atlanta, GaI understand that after this song was released John was so against materialism that instead of making people pay for tickets to his concerts he just asked that everyone bring a covered dish. I find the original Lennon version is extremely calm, compared to the APC one. APC's is more desperate, which does seem more fitting. Which makes me wonder why Lennon would choose such a calm approach to the song.

I guess the subtle differences in the tone of his voice contributes to the impact of it; almost as if trying to tell the listener that he wishes that the world could be like this, but it will never happen because people are selfish and too focused on material things instead of peace and love. We'll never get to this state in our society, which is horribly sad. Jay from Atlanta, GaDo you mean "know" instead of "no" and "anyway" instead of "andyway"?

James from Toronto, Canadawow, i no all of you will probably hate me after bringing this subject up, but if you play the song backwards you hear "the people war beside me" andyway this is a great song, i love the piano Jay from Atlanta, GaWhere "pece" prevails?

What about a world where peas prevail. Now that would be utopia. Steve from Fenton, MoJohn was a great singer and a great songwriter. Personally, I can't think of anyone better. I'll say Paul was equally as good. But don't deify the guy. Imagine is a great song with a nice sentiment. It wouldn't have prevented World War II, however. It cost about 50 million people their lives. Imagine what those 50 million people and their offspring could have given the world had they not been killed.

Stefanie from Rock Hill, ScDid you listen to the song? It's about more than posessions. He wants everypne to imagine a world where pece prevails. Him living in a mansion, in this case, is immatterial. Jay from Atlanta, GaLennon didn't believe this himself. He didn't practice what he preached. He lived in a mansion and drove a huge white Mercedes. John from Millersville, Md"Communist Utopia.

Steve from Midland, MiI agree, very excelent message I love it after you read this, I would also like to ask you to just "Imagine" a world like this it really gets you thinking Anonymus from John Lennon was saying imagine you had no possessions.

Imagine we have no religions, no heaven, no hell.. Or imagine there is no God to look up to and impress. Imagine none of this exists.. Are you going to be a nice person? Will you still be a good person and be generous, even though there is no God that you will need to impress, or no heaven to go to if you follow the commandments? This is merely the message that was getting across. It is all about getting you to think if none of these things exist, would you still treat people with respect.

It is an excellent song with an excellent message. John Lennon was an amazing man. He only wished that there would be no more hunger in the world and that everyone would be able to have their needs supplied - not their wants. I wish I could fine peace and contentment in my own life amidst all the turmoil and turbulence.

Teresa from Mechelen, Belgium"Imagine no possessions" very easy for many people but not for John Lennon; I suppose he never knew what it is being poor. Nevertheless this song is beautiful, especially Phil Spector's "Wall of sound". Listen very good and you'll hear it on the background.

Daniel from Cincinnatti, Orit;s "I was the dreamweaver, but now im reborn, i was the walrus, but now im john. Kika from Nyc, NyWow, thanks Kevin. I didn't know that. Makes me feel a lot better, also makes the song more credible to me. You hit the nail on the head on that one. I couldn't have said it better myself. If there was one religion, it would just be like a natural way of life, not just another religion. Also, Matt, I don't think God never intended there to be peace.

He intended life to be a test, but He wants peace. Saying God never intended there to be peace kind of contridicts Christianity. I guess I do see your point. And anyway, "God"'s not that sad of a song in relation to Imagine, considering "God" was released in and "Imagine", So apparently John re-gained his dreamability.

This was the first song I ever performed. My accompaniment was an acoustic guitar, which is also lovely, but I love the piano melody in the song. I have only three points to make: It's a beautiful song; John Lennon was not naive - on the contrary, he was a brilliant man, and not just musically; and this song is not anti-religion.

Religion can be a beautiful thing. John Lennon was against the preversion of religion, against those who take advantage of it to further their own agendas; against those who use religion to shatter peace. Jesus was a huge hippy, after all. No one denies that religions like Christianity hold great truth and comfort - however, people will always take it too far. Utopia is when people no longer need a mythology along with their morality, when people do what is right merely because it is right, and not because they are afraid of an angry God or even of a disappointed God.

John Lennon understood that. And that is why Imagine, this beautiful, almost minimalistic song, is great. Floyd from Dallas, TxThis is a beautiful song with a beautiful message. Kika from Nyc, NyI don't think Lennon really wanted to bring the inadequacies of religion into this. But, since we're on it, religion in it's most basic sense is a way for people to comfort themselves with the concept of death.

I'm catholic, and i see a lot of the monarchy etc. I would also like to point out that it's Islam not Muslim. There's a difference. The point of Imagine is a place where nobody would feel the need for religion anymore. But it's wrong to tell people to be more like you and critical of religions. Most people interperate they're religion metaphorically anyway. I just wanted to know if anybody had any comment on what john later sang in the song God.

John from Somewhere, PaTo anyone who thinks that the ideas Lennon expresses in this song are "naive," you are wrong - at least concerning religion. Some moron made up the nonsence in Christianity, that's caught on pretty well. Some moron made up the nonsense in Judaism, thats caught on pretty well. Some moron made up the nonsense in Muslim, thats caught on pretty well too.

The difference is, John Lennon is not a moron. I know I may have offended you if you are religous, and this probably isn't the place to do that, but this song gives me some context for it. I beg you, to actually look at your religion as non-objectively as you can. Judge it not as though your life depends on it, but as you would judge anything else, with logic and reason. I'd be surprised if you didn't find that what you think for sure is the truth is sketchy at best.

Free your mind. We don't know all the answers yet. Until we do, be an agnostic like me. James from Vidalia, GaYeah! I'm a sci-fi geek too. That episode of Quantum Leap used this to very good effect. Very good moment. Imagine singing this to your Beatle fanatic little sister way before Lennon recorded it? But an amazing song I love it! Dan from Lee, NhI think John Lennon would be not only disapoineted by the world today, but also how no one truley listened to his message.

Bill from Erie, PaI'd also just like to say that people get caught up way to easily by saying this song is naive, and the utopia it forsees will never happen. John's message is just to imagine this utopia, and maybe if we all work towards imagining it, it will come true. Bill from Erie, PaPossibly the most beautiful song in human history. Lennon identifies and makes us see the negative effect that religion, posessions, borders, et cetera, have had on humanity. I think just by listening to this song, we realize the possibilities the human race can have without these things.

Once we all take this song to heart, the world will finally be healed. He would be disappointed at what's going on in the world to day. All of the violence. Jonna from Dallas, Txlennon was one of the most amazing men who has ever written lyrics in history. Kika from Nyc, NyThis song is incredibly moving, and we should all take it's meaning to heart, as well as simply be moved by it's beauty, but i feel it's also important to consider that john later writes God, which i thought basically took back a lot of what he said in imagine.

Ash from Charleston, WvOkay. I just spent about 45 minutes reading all of the comments posted here. But the one that I simply have to address is way down towards the bottom and was penned by Mark in Ridgeland, MS. Mark, my friend, if John Lennon is rolling around in his grave, it's not because of A Perfect Circle's version or anyone else's version of the song "Imagine.

This is a board about songs and facts and informative thoughts about them, not personal insult slinging and political bashing. Please respect everyone's right to an opinion without resorting to namecalling. Thank you. Jere from Lubbock, TxMy senior class voted "Imagine" as our class song in but it was nixed by the principle who didn't understand that John Lennon was only telling us that if we all tried and cared just a little, we could all live in a better place.

I think if you look at the type of crap that is popular now, you can see why no one can write anymore. Ashlee Simpson probably can't even spell Imagine, let alone write a song anywhere as good as it. Dave from Philadelphia, PaDave Matthews covered this song at a concert of his.

He took the first verse and chorus followed by a harmonica solo by John Popper of Blues Traveler, who continued on to sing the second verse. Great version by Dave and John. I really dont enjoy any song from my heart if it has anything against my religion But still it is a great song , just by his voice and his guitar, not the lyrics But i respect his works Andy from Hamilton, CanadaWell, matt, he really wasnt an athiest, he was just saying, wouldnt it be nice to live without having to be judged.

Matt from Niagara Falls, Nyi love john lennon's music Anna from Syracuse, Nyi can't believe some people don't like this song. Whether or not John Lennon was a multimillionare, it still spreads a good message. And saying that the instruments are too easy? Sometimes simple sounds beautiful. Just respect Lennon for the peace he tried to share while he was here, he deserved it. Most of the people on here seem to be forgetting that. Simple as that. Imagine no possessions, no heaven or hell, no religion, etc.

Imagine it. The song is not saying this is how it should be but rather how life could be. I don't think John would have wanted us to be fighting over what it meant and bashing one another's views however misguided or whatever one may think. That was not his point.

This is exactly why Imagine can not come true because if we fight about little things like a song's lyrics, then what hope is there for us? Imagine is one of the best songs ever written and John Lennon truly was a man of hope and genius. He means what he is saying, he wants peace and love in this world and I think that people should listen to him, it is all so true.

He was a great guy, witty, funny, very smart and kind. At first "Imagine" went through my head like any other song, you know? It was a song about peace. Then later as I grew up I heard it again and it was an almost magical moment Just one big beautiful and happy place for everyone. I got it now. I understood the message he had been trying to deliver to me in the past. If there would only be peace and freedom this world would be a better place to live in.

But his death was tragic, a horrible thing. Who would kill such a man? A man who was trying to make us all feel better! I think that his death made his point even clearer, people saw how stupid violence was and still is and then the message was clear. I think that John changed many lifes including mine. He is the greatest song composer and artist the world of all time. No-one can replace him, or top him. There will only be one John Lennon. Peace in this world Paul from Buffalo, NyIt is irrufutably pathetic that all these people have done covers of this brilliant piece.

On behalf of all the worlds late musicians I say to you, 'Write your own music! His brilliant talent made him a multi-millionaire; he deserved it; it still doesn't mean he didn't want peace because if anyone did, it was John Lennon. Miki from Vancouver, CanadaThis is awful. Everyone saying that this song is insincere because John Lennon was a multi-millionaire is completely missing the point of the song. You're allowing money to put barriers between people.

Just because he had money means he was emotionally fulfilled? He figured that because he wasn't destitute that the problems of the world didn't matter to him? If you think that, you don't know Lennon. Life isn't about money Miguel from Dublin, IrelandThe worst historical coincidence in Forrest Gump was when they tacked on Forrest's 'influence' in the writing of this song.

The most well known one of an indian, but the other one is a little boy going into a room to get a toy on the ground, then walking into another room, every time he goes through a door he gets older, until he is an old man with a stick, walking in and putting a toy on the floor and vanishing and the boy trying to get in again.

It's my favourite video ever. Whenever Lennon is coming on TV I watch incase they show us that video. Does anybody else remember? Charlie from Cape Girardeau, MoLennon was dead on in recognizing that the three most divisive and destructive influences in the world today are greed, national divisions and religion.

As far as religion goes, his solution would be a world without religion. You can't blame him in a way, because, as other commentors have noted, the religions of the world, including mainstream Christianity, have for the most part failed to live up to the teachings of the Bible and Jesus and have dishonored God.

But how about a world in which there is only ONE religion, one that truly promotes the teachings of the Prince of Peace? That would be a unifying factor in the world. Isaiah The Bible promises such a time here on earth. Not only that, but a world in which there are no national boundaries and which every resident will be prosperous.

Before you dismiss this as a pipe dream, why not actually read for yourself what the Bible has to say? Vuk from Toronto, CanadaIt's just a beautiful song. But Lennon's idea of a perfect world is quite naive. This song carries a very strong message to all of us and if this could actually happen in the future I would be very surprised because there is so much greed and propaganda in this world and its been carried from generation to generation and in my opinion it will never end.

Thanks for trying John but this world will end with people killing each other. Peace out Aj from Cleveland, Ohmy motto: A mind is opened by an abstract thought Aj from Cleveland, OhIn the song, John Lennon outlines a utopian society which he doubs "a Brotherhood of Man," i see it as a call to Utopia, not neccesarily communism.

He probably wanted to spead an idea that, with the outlined sacrifices religon, countries, etc Now then, for the record, communism is great, capitalism is great, socialism is great, and utopias are excellent, but not without a good government. Communism, in its purest form should be an anarchy -not chaotic, but relying on the goodness of mankind. USA's capitalism only functions because of democracy.

I am not a Nazi or Hitler or Stalin etc, I am tired of people using that cliche to throw mud at otherwise clean people. Liz from Rochester, NyI love this song so much! Its beautiful and had a great message- if only people would listen to it! Jerry from West Valley, UtThis is my personal favorite song of all time. It's such a great song.

The simplisity of it is amazing. And the message that it passes along is so great. If even half of the world could live by this song the world would be a great place to live. Niki from Chicago, IlThis is a beautiful song. Only if everyone could feel this way. Liliana from Huntley, Ilok, imagine a world with no possessions. A perfect world living in peace. Listen to the right and left channels on a stereo recording and you can hear the differences in their performance of the lines.

Jude from Thomasville, GaThis is a beautiful song written by a beautiful man who was kind enough to share his vision of a world where everyone could live together without hatred, war, fighting, bickering and name calling over petty differences. Are any of you commentators feeling just a lil' bit guilty? Madonna destroyed the song and her already low popularity when she attempted to sing this song for NBC's Tsunami Relief concert. Teresa from Mechelen, BelgiumPhil Spector's "Wall of Sound" makes this song of John Lennon so beautiful, just listen and you can hear it, it's just there.

Morgan from Palmer Rapids, CanadaI think this is a very good message and everyone should listen to it. Even though it is not my type of music i still like the message Gita from Apple Valley, MnI like the remake by A Perfect Circle better, but it's a beautiful song. Adnan from Houston, TxNumerous number of people here have tried very hard to dig out different meanings of this song and, in my opinion, have done a good job.

So, it is futile for me to go on explaining the different aspects of this song. What would explain, however, is how I feel about the song itself. I feel it is the best song ever written. Yes, I have not heard each and every song written in each and every language ever written, but if i really think about it, I just cannot "imagine" any song being better than this.

People might say I'm a fanatic. Maybe I am, maybe I am not. John would probably roll over in his grave if he heard it. Mark from Perth, AustraliaIronic isn't it that we have all these people saying about peace and love yet right here we have people arguing about communism and the meaning of this song. Great song though Aiedail from Carnation, Wathis song means a lot to me and people in my family.

Lauren from Lufkin, Txisn't music a way to express yourself and if he wanted to express his political views why not, he loved music or else he wouldn't of expressed himself in that outlet. The best. All you Kerry fans out there, however, I suggest you shut the hell up because your guy lost! We should be talking about the brillance, the greatness of John Lennon, and not stupid things such as how bad our President is. Move if you hate our President Chris from Chch, New Zealandalso on the song "Kiss, kiss , kiss" by yoko on double fantasy, she says some giberish and it u play it backwards she says "i shot john lennon" very weirdly but it makes out to say that, this was after he got killed Chris from Chch, New ZealandIf you play the part in the song "Imagine all the people" backwards he says "The people war beside me" Wil from Marco Island, FlIf John Lennon were around today I think he would be very disappointed in us, Americans.

We all know John Lennon's lyrics will never come true. Thats why its called Imagine. I think he wrote this to not only let us imagine a land of peace, but to also motivate us to make this a reality, but we don't care. We are selfish pigs who only desire good to come to ourselves. We are not open-minded, but we need to be in order to survive because if we dont we will end up killing off ourselves.

It will happen, eventually. Anyway, great song. John Lennon's a genius. I'm done. Shirley from Ocean, NjTo Roman in Germany: Yes, he was a multi-millinaire and it was his musical talent and writing ability that brought him there. He just happen to make a great living off of what he liked doing best; like any other artist. People sing about what they believe in regardless of their monetary status.

By your cutting remarks you don't really sound like you want peace; you sound bitter or jealous or both. And peace train was great,but this was truly the best song ever written; and obviously not just my opinion. Jacob from Kalamazoo, MiI could barely believe my eyes as I was reading through these posts and saw someone comparing president Bush to Robert Frost.

I know that doesn't have to do with Imagine, because there is no way in hell I could imagine a connection between Bush and Frost. Jeramy from Jonesboro, ArYou people totally miss the point. What's the title of the song? It's not saying, "let's toss out religion and borders" it's about thinking about the reasons of war and strife, and fixing it, and believing in peace.

It has nothing to do with the most prevelant of communist principles, which often have aspects of religion and social strata ie "borders". It's not about action itself, it's about thinking of and solving the problem, and people coming together to have peace. Thus the title, "Imagine. He doesn't tell her about his death, but plays her this song instead.

Peter from Toronto, CanadaAbsolutely beautiful song. Doesn't seem to have had much impact in the world, however. Jacob from Kalamazoo, MiYou know I was thinking; reading this over I saw a few comments that ran something like "With no religion people would kill each other all the time because they have no fear of an afterlife," etc. All I wanted to say is that it is quite sad where our moral values are based on whether or not we will be 'punished' for our actions.

Anyone who is a good person because they 'want to get into heaven', cannot truly be a good person. As for the song I lied, that wasn't all I wanted to say , this song is pure song about how great life would be without all of these differences between us. I'm getting tired of people saying how unrealistic it is; of course it is impossible, I gave up faith in the human race long ago. However, the name of the song is "Imagine", if you recall. Imagine how great it would be if such a thing could come into being.

And lastly, anyone who makes the comment that John Lennon was a hypocrit because he spoke of 'no possessions' because he was multimillionaire, are not truly seeing his words for what they are. He was a Beatle who made millions of dollars doing what he loved, yes, but does that make him greedy? I think not. You would have no idea if he would or would not have given up his belongings for this utopia he imagined, and neither do I; no one will ever know.

Because that's all pathetic mankind can ever do. A beautiful, pure song. Alanwhite from Macclesfield, Englandi think the purpose of the song is just to make you think, what is the role of religion and countries et, whilst not directly advocating communism. The lyrics were more important than the music? How do you figure that Music was the most important thing to John. Imagine was an extremley personal song, and if being against death and war is something that you cant agree with John on then good for you.

I dont believe John had communism in mind when he wrote this song, you guys just seem to think that since he opposes war and violence he's a communist? Why would he want a communist world when if it were communist he wouldnt be able to sing freely like he does in this song? Its like this "and no religion too" " Some of you people just try to hard to find a deep secret meaning in such straight forward songs.

John from Shelby, NvEveryone is missing the point, many wars are fought over religion. Many are fought over patriontism and nationalism, and many are fought over possesion. For Ex. Bush's war was fought over posesion of oil. Lennon desribes a world without these three, in his opinion the only way for world peace.

Tell that to mothers whose children and husbands have died because some stupid american in a tank did not want to take the time to aim. Tell that to inocent people tourtured at abu garade and to the othe , dead Iraqies. Vesta from Toronto, CanadaThis is a beautiful song with a great message. I agree that it's too idealistic and the world imagined by Lennon will probably never exist. Yet there's nothing wrong in believing it could.

The world would have been even a more horrible place without people who at least promote the mere idea peace and unity. And so what if it's sang by a multi-millionare I think he deserved it. He knows a world without "posessions" does not exist, he's just asking us to take a moment and imagine what it would be like And also, a world without relision does not neccessarily translate into communism.

I personally think that religion has been nothing but destructive to human societies. It divides people us into groups, feed them with "super" natural explanations of the world, prevent, give them something to believe in and something to be afraid of, in order to be able to control them in communities. And all in the name of "GOD". I'm teling you, if there is a god he wouldn't himself approve of "religion" the way it is practiced today.

Religion promotes narrow-mindedness and prevents people from using their own cognitive abilities to fullfill their roll as human beings. Sure religion was a good way of providing blind guidance for savages three thousand years ago, since their human rationality and morality had not been matured enough for them to be able to make sensible social and personal decisions, and the only way to control them was "if you do this and that you go to hell".

I would like to thing human race has evolved from that. If we leave in houses, shower every day, and have concepts such as "Laws", "Moral Codes" and "Human Rights", then we should also be able to realize that certain religous saying and acts are to be understood and not to be blindly followed. For example lying and stealing is wrong because it has a nagative affect on the life of us and others, not becuase we are going to hell because of it. Or confession has a positive psychological effect by making you face your own actions and its consequences.

My point is, I think people nowadays must be able to use their own judgments to see the right and wrong of everything including religion. Anyway sorry if I went on and on about religion, I think John Lennon himself didn't look into this as much as I have.

The world would be a better place if there was no religion lyrics sushi tei halal ke forex


Therefore, the world without religion would be a better place as it would not clash with scientific ideas. Opponents of religion also bring forth the fact that religion also influences political spheres. While in countries like the US and UK there is a distinction between the church and the state, it cannot be denied that religion does influence certain political agendas.

For example, in countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia, many laws are created and implemented keeping in mind the religious beliefs of the people. It can be said that these countries violate human rights within their countries. In fact, some of the most oppressive countries in the world use religion to influence and control people.

This was also seen in classical times when the clergy were given the role of being consultants to the monarchs which led to the oppression of the serfs in the past. Religion when transcends from personal belief to influence political beliefs can lead to corruption of government and oppression of people. Religious corruption needs to be avoided so as to maintain a healthy and harmonious society. This is absolutely not possible if religion is influencing laws and policies that can affect all the people within the society.

Thus, the world be a better place if religion did not exist as it can lead to corrupt and oppressive governance. However, despite the negative impacts of religion, one cannot avoid the myriad of benefits it brings to society.

Scientific discoveries are necessary and there should be little to no hindrance in scientific progress. However, one cannot deny that religion acts as a balance between science and what is right for society. After all, how can people justify bizarre transplants or the concept of designer babies? Religion acts as a restraint on scientific discoveries that can wreak havoc on humanity if left unregulated or unchecked. It can be said that religion helps to uphold moral and ethical values in society.

Religion also acts as a moral compass for people who believe in religions as it is through religious teachings people know that stealing, lying or murdering is wrong. For example, in many religions like Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam there are guidelines for becoming a good human being. Thus, religion acts as a moral compass for scientific discoveries as well as for people within the society and makes the world relatively a better place.

However, one cannot deny that it also brings people together. In secular societies, all communities and religions are respected and people come together to celebrate important religious events. In Singapore, the festival of Thaipusam and Diwali is witnessed and celebrated by all regardless of race or religion. Similarly, around the world, people celebrate Christmas and Easter and participate in activities like Carol singing and dressing up as Santa Claus. In this sense, it can be said that religion fosters a deep understanding of various customs and traditions among people.

As a result, people also come closer and feel a sense of belonging within the societies. The majority of the religion also propagates peace and harmony within the society. It can thus be said that it is not religion that leads to violence but the religious leaders who misconstrue religious doctrines to serve their own agendas. Thus, it can be said that religion if properly understood and practised can lead to a harmonious society and make the world a better place.

Religion also meets the emotional and spiritual needs of an individual. In an extremely chaotic world where people are surrounded by negativity, religion acts as an anchor which gives people hope. There have been many anecdotes where people have felt the power of religion impacting their lives in positive ways.

An approach that is effective in many fields too. Already both approaches are merging, though their basics the rules are very different, a dual approach dominated by medicines and a holistic approach. Than you end with practices like torturing, holy wars, wars on terrorism etcetera. If killing all competitors would lead to a stable environment for billions of ages, than evolution would have no problem in selecting the kill-behavior. But until now kill-behavior seeking conflict never worked, and resulted in unstable environments.

There are effective ways that always involve some kind of cooperation. Its our behavior that adapts, whatever the name. Chiedza, I think we both agree in general. I hope I made you wonder.

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